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Who Am I is a question I asked myself many times. Seeking my Truth, my Will and my Meaning, prisoner to a pityful world of mediocrity. Chained to the empty husk of a Blind society, of many poor souls void of any Volition but serve, but concede their potential to this Machina of Apathy. I Will Not, as it is not the Law but revolt against this lethargic Sopor. As I am Adversary of the Holy Lie and I Accuse it of binding us to Ignorance and decrepitude. The Brightest Light will shine in the Darkness they veiled above our souls. As I am Apostle and my Gospel begins. Do you listen the caws? The ravens revolve around our Golgotha, singing, calling, beggin for our Freedon. Metamorphosis.

We, the ones who have begun this Ascension, as Incarnates, Fragments or just one of many Adversaries against the Holy Lie, have the calling of make wathever can be done to assure the complete obliteration of the chains binding humanity. The message must spread by any means, like sparks in the dark, ignitining the sleeping minds in the Black Fire, as we all are Bringers of Light.

How? One can and must ask thyself. Art, Phylosophy, Science, Religion. Wathever it takes, the suited for you and your capabilites. Spread the Blasphemous Truth, sow the Seeds to all who are touched by your Act, make them look at the Dark Within so their own Truth can look back. Every awake soul and mind is one more log to the Pyre, one more step to our Supremacy. Ave Satanas

J. Krabiel

Apostle of Hell

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