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· Presentation Of The Celebration
· The 3 Days Of Aeshmadth: Day 1
· The 3 Days Of Aeshmadth: Day 2
· The 3 Days Of Aeshmadth: Day 3
· Aeshmadth´s Decorations Annex

· Additional Knowledge: Daniel Johnston
· Aeshmadth´s Annex: Biblical Lines


The Aeshmadth (The Sacred Triad Of Our Infernal Faction)

Presentation Of The Celebration: General Understanding


The Anual Asmodeyan Celebration (Aeshmadth): Devilism has a large amount of sacred days and Satanic celebrations but The Aeshmadth is one of, -if not the most- important Devilist religious dates beside the Winter Solstice with its "Satan Statements" rituals and the Falciferian Sabbaths.


The Aeshmadth is rooted in the Pagan tradition and it is complemented with new daemonic gnosis; it lasts 3 days and nights, mostly dedicated to celebrations, rites of physical and spiritual purification and to envigorating the daemonic self with a combination of tantric practices, sex magick, vampirism, tribal chants and grounding rites.

These sacred days are celebrated with more intense fervor during the hot summer nights especially if they are blessed with one or more unexpected electrical storms -as one of the religious lines linked with the symbolism of the festivity is: "I saw Satan fall like lighting from heaven" - Luke 10:18. They also coincides with the birth date of Master Falcifer (Asmodeus Incarnate) {Day 25}, the Sabbath of Baphomet (or Aquelarre) and His phallus´ blessing {Day 24}, and the international Women's Equality Day represented by Babalon & accompanied by Lilith Satana as Matron, along with Falcifer´s Girls´ Free The Nipple Day {Day 26}.

This celebration is a gate, a nexion per se, a fissure in time and space opened by this collective sacred event which magickally overlaps the past, present and future celebrations. They representing the days that you (as Neophyte adept) and others started the Path and were brave enough to have chosen the Devilist Current and the Asmodeyan Infernal Faction on Earth, and in an acausal way, the Dark Gods consecrate the feast over and over each time it is performed -creating a more ceremonially and magickally dense event which is marked in space and time in a stronger way every year, becoming more powerful and beneficial as the event is repeated collectively (and even more strongly if this magick collective is growing!).

This supports the occultist notion that time flows in more than one direction in the astral plane.

This is holiday involves Sacred Sin and multiple heretical rites to extricate any influence of any other religious constructions and their influence. Blood sharing (human blood of willing donnors, i.e. Black Swans -obviously healthy ones tested), sexual tantric orgy-practices, music, magick, food and alcohol (usually red wine) are all present in honoring the joy of life, the joy of war and the benediction of those who are able to fight, the joy of the elements and their associated spirits, and the evocation of the magick powers of the Dark Gods through the Veil. Every day will bring gnosis or a meditative conclusion -Diong in Daemonic Tongue-, which is considered the Gift Of The Day.

The Aeshmadth´s Triad is a hedonistic and sacred exaltation of the Infernal Faction and its participants, (spiritual, ethereal and physical entities included).

The best way to celebrate this holiday is inside “The Devil´s Temple” (as the main religious center or spiritual focal point, acting as the "Devilist Mecca") but if you are unable to visit the Temple and you want to celebrate you can simply read and follow the practice (adapting it to your resources).

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The 3 Days Of Aeshmadth


▼ This celebration, as special as it is, is constructed upon just 3 days and 3 nights during the 24th, 25th, and 26th of August, representing:

· DAY 1The 24th (Daytime) - The Magnoir: Associated and represented by blindness, incapacity to see the light (associated with a practice of fasting and sensorial suppression, the Magnoir is The Black Fast of all Black Fasts). The specific Patron associated with the practice is the Father of Satan: Ahriman (or Zurvan aspect), and other deities like Lucifuge Rofocale or Azazel may be called to help and assist during certain stages of the operation like the blindfold meditations -usually focused on the Adepts´ Black Flame. Contemplative meditation, transcendental meditation, hatha yoga practices and pranayama are the usual practices).
The Magnoir is considered "The Sacred Isolation". (*Note: Click here to read more about The Black Fasting).

To perform correctly the Magnoir practice, you must start it maximum 1 hour after you awake, this being the "allowed" hour to prepare the elements needed (blindfold, space of meditation, clothes, fragances, etc; One is not permitted to eat or speak but is permitted to drink cold water or herbal infusions (without sugars) -after the first hour awake and onwards during this daytime practice it is permitted to drink cold water or infusions (remains optional) while eating is still prohibited.
The best results will be obtained by reducing the time of preparation and allowing your mind to connect the practice blindfolded with the previous oneiric state (without too many interruptions and as soon as possible).

The practices of the daytime call you to contemplate your life -or previous life- under the scope of the common society and its meaninglessness -a life chained, contracted or oppresed in the ordinary "real" world or the plane that collectivelly has been accepted by the masses as the real or valid world. This practice is acompanied by the absence of light and of pervading silence. Some adepts cover their eyes and forehead and pass the day alone in a meditative state; this puts the adept in a reclusive undertanding of solitude and lack of power of manifested outcomes through physical action/s, and finally, the comprehension -and obvious release and de-personification- of the "matrix-citizien" role and by use of patience, calm, direction (Will) and "destiny-tendency" you end up being free from it. 

The Magnoir day will bring personalized, individual and unique gnosis and better understanding of your spiritual path and True Will, it helps you to balance and control your thought process and emotional impulses and it puts the adept on a higher plane of consciousness of overcoming -or helping to overcome- the negative aspects locked inside by rising up his/her vibrational fields.

The adept wears his/her consecrated magickal black robes for this day, no matter the grade or specialization. Work and socialization must be reduced to a minimum if you want to obtain the results that this experience brings us.

· DAY 1The 24th (Sunset) - The Urnagkab: When the Sun falls and dissapears from the horizon, the choosen priest or witch will ring the bells and it will mark the beginning of the Urnagkab. The adepts will change their clothes to the garnet garments and can remove their blindfolds, then a special gathering outside is required. 

The adepts sit in silence on natural ground forming a circle in the dark of the night. The priest/s or adepts in charge make sure every adept is present to begin the rite.

The Urnagkab breaks the Magnoir with a sacred daemonic ceremony where the youngest in silence serve a consecrated tray of blessed food, a unique cup of wine and a burning black candle to each -the eldest first and then to themselves. Every service is marked with the ringing of a bell and it is performed one by one giving enough relevance to each member. This is performed in a unique circular gathering in natural grounds and the adepts remain in total silence.

When the adepts finish or have enough of their meal, they extinguish their candles symbolizing the consumption of the Infernal powers -nurturing their Black Flame and feeding their spirit. Everyone must wait in their place until every member of the circle has doused their candle; when this is done, the priest or witch in charge will ring the bell or hit the gong screaming loudly: "Urnagkab!" to which all the adepts will reply loudly: "Urnagkab Zier!" -Now, the silence process is finished, the seal is broken and the gate opens.

A central fire is lit by the adepts while the trays are collected. Once finished the adepts join hands and will move together 7 times counterclockwise and a gong will sound, 7 times clockwise and a gong will sound, and then 7 times again counterclockwise and the gong will sound a third time. The Urnagkab is over. Adepts may socialize and share their experiences as they consider and prepare themselves for the next event (
Sacred Baths recommened during this period).

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The resultant stage provoked by the first two practices is associated and represented by The Black Flame burning at its maximum, the adept lighting his/her own fire, overcoming personal pains and obstacles, and aligning with the gods by deciding to take action and change the spiritual direction. Other rebel spirits are magnetized.
The knowledge about "how you do not want to live" fuels the movement. The break of this Black Fasting (Magnoir) embodies the bravery to walk in darkness alone if its needed but to keep advancing, while the Urnagkab represents the benefits and desires of the Infernal Alliance and the connection and respect between those spiritual rebels who are the same kind.

· DAY 1The 24th (Nighttime) - The Baphomet SabbathAt 00:00h the next stage of the celebration (The Sabbath Of Baphomet, The Infernal Spirit) is inaugurated with a huge ejaculation from Baphomet, blessing the audience by symbolizing prosperity, abundance, luck, sex, carnal pleasures, love and spiritual gifts.
Whoever is choosen by The 9 (Daemonic Council) to embody Baphomet (The Infernal Spirit) will be blessed by the Dark Gods and it is said that he/she will be lucky and lustful all year long.

The adepts come to this event with make up, animal or daemon masks, naked or half naked. Chants, drums, tribal music and honors to Baphomet are performed.
Hapiness and freedom conforms the tone of this event. Sexual energy is accumuled.

At 03:00h and with the adepts inside the Infernal Ring, Master Falcifer bless the adepts -in silence again- before the gong marks the starting of a great orgy (outdoors) which is performed inside the circle; with the release of the seed and in presence of Baphomet the celebration is closed with a final gong (at 06:00h). Wishes are asked mentally with the release of the orgasmic energy.

(*Note: Click here to see the Orgies´ Rules).

86eafed5-9592-4be6-89de-5b0ab9832531_alta-libre-aspect-ratio_default_0 (1).jpg
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· DAY 2The 25th (Day time) - Aeshmadth + Falcifer´s Birthday: During this date different games and fun activites are organized in the morning. The figure of the Joker as a symbolic icon of the "gambler-live the moment" aspect of Asmodeus´ spirit is present (in costumes, figures, images).
The adepts eat sweets (*Note: See the Aeshmadth Anex below) during the day time representing Asmodeus´ Divine Spirit or Source Spirit, the adept´s Infernal Birth (or re-birth), and the choosing and consequent alignment with the Infernal Faction. The daytime Patronage presided over by Asmodeus´ spiritual essence as Aeshma, His primal form (The Warrior/s breath, The Fire, The Passion, Tribal Social Tradition) while the night is represented by the 7th son of Satan, Falcifer, Asmodeus Incarnate.

At 12:00h The Ceremony Of The Phoenix is performed, every adept passes through the fire as a symbolic rebirth, then food is served (13:30-15:00 approx).

· DAY 2The 25th (Nighttime) - Aeshmadth + Falcifer´s Birthday:  At 21:15h Falcifer, the Antichrist rides the Leviathan symbolically as the Beast From Overseas, The Avenger. The Ceremony Of The Arrival is performed.

22:30h: The Mass Of Cohzier is performed. This ceremony involves heresy and blasphemy, Cohzier helps our psyche to get rid of possible remnants and fears caused by the implants of previous religions. 
23:30h: Dracul and other Vampiric spirits are evoked with adept blood offerings to invite the deities to assist and infuse with the Vampiric Spirit all the assistants.

00:00 The First Supper, this ceremony -Black Mass type- represents the opposite of The Last Supper (as a reverse rite). It is based on the Lunar energies, the birth of The Satanic Emodiment. A list of several daemons are called, the assistants drink consecrated red wine representing the blood of the Antichrist, and take the communion. Satan (Samael, the Father as Golden King) is evoked and invoked. 
A magickal influx is directed to
Master, and His power-names: The Vindex
The Silver or Adamantis King, The King Of Kings, The True Son Of God, The God Of Men, The Wrath Daemon, Nekalah´s Child, The Royal Black Dragon representing the apotheosis of manifestation, the Infernal All in this present place and moment, in Him, in Us, and the future that has to come that begins in us and has already started to happen. The Royal Black Dragon expands His black wings.

At 02:00 an indoor masked feast is held. Food, drink, music, dance, laughter and sex are present during all of these events. (This feast may be masquerade ballet type or others). 
The event is closed with a final gong or ring bell (at 06:00h). Blessings upon others are asked mentally with the release of the orgasmic energy. 
(*Note: Click here to see the Orgies´ Rules).


· DAY 3The 26th (Day time) - Aeshmadth Satana + Free The Nipple Day: This day represents and glorifies the miracle of existing in this unique plane and time, materialized, incarnated successfully, with others together sharing this precious moment in the cosmic All. It also represents the Infernal Fraternity, Akasha, and the material plane. Vampirism and the life prism observed under the Spiritual Predator´s scope are encouraged. The daytime Matron is Akasha while the nighttime Matron is Satana (Satania).

Free The Nipple DayAdditionally, even outside of The Devil´s Temple, is tradition that during the entire day Falcifer´s Girls (the political movement) and even women from other groups like the White Angels or O.T.A. Devilist female adepts around the world manifest publicly their affilition through this act of rebellion against natural sexual freedom.

Several Devilist groups in the United States have organized annual protests, claiming that women should have the same legal right to go topless in public that men enjoy without fear of arrest for indecent exposure. This special day Devilist women protest topless except for nipple pasties to avoid arrest. It coincides with the anniversary of the international Women's Equality Day (26 August) and it is part of the third day of the triad the Devilist Asmodeyan / Falciferian Faction´s celebrations.

(*Note: Click here to read more about The Falcifer´s Girls & The Free The Nipple Day).


The morning is dedicated to peform collectively special exercices of Kundalini Yoga followed by Devilist lectures and closed by personal readings using the Devilist procedure of Tarot and runes. Then, food is served. (13:30-15:00 approx).

The 3 Great Fires are burned representing:

 -The Fire of Sorrows. (To destroy all our sorrow).

 -The Fire of Desires. (To destroy all our unwanted desires).

 -The Fire of Delights. (To destroy all our pains and transmutate all its energy into delight/s).

These fires will be maintained until the Sun rises again.

At the 17:00h Fire Breathing & Tummo practices performed in addition to different grounding techniques and Devilist meditations.

· DAY 3The 26th (Nighttime) - Aeshmadth Satana: At Sunset, the Chemurah by Sabta is performed on statues or drawings of the deities involved during these days of feasts. Patrons, Matrons and companions having Asmodeus, Satan, Satania, Ahriman, and Akasha are central pieces.

After the dinner (usually from 21:15 to 22:22h) every adept is instructed to perform a Sacred Bath (Liubanum) alone in his/her chamber and it is recommended to call or invoke your favorite or desired daemons during the bath. 


At 23:30h, The Blood Sharing Rituals begin. They will be explained and guided by the higher Akashian Adept available or Devilist Priest.

Different grounding rites and primal aspects are performed. The adepts paint each others and customize themselves for the grand final act. Soon after, the tribal drums start to sound and the adepts perform an intense Falciferian Meditation as an ecstatic dance close to the 3 Great Fires. Primal and animalistic essence is celebrated intensity.

The Grand Summoning Of Satania is performed inside the Infernal Circle where all the adepts remain, and with Her energizing presence in the ambient is opened the Grand Final Orgy. Finally, the triumph of Satana and the shaktic feminine through and beyond the lunar powers is manifested in the third night.

A symbolic figure is burned inside the circle while people still having sex, it is the last manifestation of "The Old" representing the adept and his/her old ego or being, now completely renewed after the Triad. The orgasms collected are given in honor of Satania.

When the puppet becomes just ashes the crowd will chant 7 times the Infernal Chant To Close Rituals Or/And Honor Daemonic Powers and close the event (before sunrise).

Is recommened to close this Triad (Aeshmadth) with The Sacred Bath or Liubanaum -With Leviathan-, and it can be performed in solitude, or with your Horak circle.

Aeshmadth has finished.


A Celebration Of Our Natural & Sacred Attributes

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Aeshmadth´s Decorations Annex: The Most Relevant Magick Items Used


The Sabbathic Cake & The Delivery: Concerning food, one of the traditional sweets -usually eaten as a dessert of the dinner of the 2nd day of the Triad- is The Sabbathic Cake made of milk and honey and blessed at the quarters by the traditional Devilist procedure. This food symbolizes the arrival to the promised land, "the land of milk and honey", of pleasure and the comfort. The cake is sually accompanied with water flavorized with natural anise acting as a soft digestive.

(Note: Click here to read a receipt for the Sabbathic Cake).

After eating the cake, it is tradition to deliver handmade gifts, poems, charged crystals, art, and other items to the most loved ones in the circle.

Gifts, hugs and kisses are delivered at this moment.

 The Zol Dolls: With the intention of being used as a container or nexion for the local elemental spirits or daemonic minions, The Zol Dolls are placed hanging upon the threes of the area by the women; these dolls will remain hang since early August, adding more dolls every Aeshmadth. (*Is highly recommended that the Zol Dolls look in the opposite direction of the Devilist Houses and Temple; usually looking to the gates of the community, to the outside world and its people.)

 The Enemy´s Tree (or Victory´s Tree): similar to the Tree of Yule but with certain different elements; The Enemy´s Tree represents another´s Pagan things, just as Vlad Tepes did. The adepts decorate The Enemy´s Tree with heads of enemies (usually photos or creations) and guts (items representing these), they paint them with blood. The wrath, through this magickal symbolism, is transmuted due the visualization of the adept´s victory among their enemies and obstacles, bringing joy and well-being. The victory visualized may be past or future because reviving past victories over past enemies will produce the same effect. The enemies hung from this tree never can be other Devilists.


You can add white spheres with the number 9 and black spheres with the number 6 along with spheres with pentagrams and sigils of daemons of hate or revenge.

· Tree type: While The Tree Of Yule may be a fir, pine, cedar, juniper or spruce, the The Enemy´s Tree must be created with a cypress or dead wood.

The cypress symbolised death and is associated with the graveyards and the diceased since the ancient times; we can find in the Greek mythology the story of Ciparissus (Kyparissos) and his affliction after accidentally killing his tamed stag. The boy grief´s was such that Ciparissus asked Apollo to mourn his pet eternally, transforming Ciparissus into one tree (the cypress tree) forever.


· Coronation of the tree: While on the top The Tree Of Yule (displayed during Yule / Yuletide) the Devilist will add an eye globe (representing the All Seeing Eye) or the Satana Star (Devil´s Star) producing protection and higher conscience to the tree, on the Enemy´s Tree the Black Messenger or Angel Of Death is placed -a figure, hand-made doll, or image presiding the plant. The Angel Of Death is Azrael also called: Azra, Abu Yaria, Mordad or Malak al-Mawt, He resides in the 3rd "heavenly" or upper sphere.

· Other complements, The Mnukkas: Apart of the habitual daemonic and sexual decoration of the Temple, approximately a week before the Triad, the Devilists decorates the palace (and home) with The Manukkas, these are a magickal creation composed of reddish or pink roses with an eye globe inserted in the center. This item, alive on its own, symbolizes the sexual powers and influx of Lilith, Asmodeus and their subordinates while the roses are a gate of Them. (*Note: See the Loudun Annex); All of this creaes a unique atmosphere similar to Halloween but less spirit/ghost based and more erotic and Daemonic based.

▼ 1986The musician Daniel Johnston, due his mental instability, channeled accidentally a couple of relevant facts: one being the Yellow Submarine attribution to the golden rise from the depts of the Kundalini Serpent, and the other, certain associations between Christmas and Satan and some elements contained in The Enemy´s Tree.

Near Christmas time, Daniel Johnston had a psychotic episode and began to act strangely, placing a black number 9 and a The Beatles LP on the Christmas tree. Johnston began speaking in different voices, fought with some members of his family and he accused his siblings of teaching their children about Satan. Everyone was very freaked out by the situation and stayed up all night as they were scared that Daniel would do something. The next day, he tried to go up to their attic to be with the kids, but no one felt comfortable with it.

Since he seemed to have super strength out of nowhere they called the police. The police came and helped his stepfather get his stuff and take him to the bus station. His mother and stepfather made sure that Daniel got on the bus so they wouldn’t have to worry about themselves or him. His mother and stepfather just sat there afterward and just cried because they had no idea who he was anymore. For the ramainder of the story, Daniel didn’t even really understand what was going on.

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Additional Knowledge: The Legend Of Daniel Johnston, Family Christmas

▼ Some of the biblical lines related with these days and their celebrations´ symbolism.

     Mysteries to meditate about:

 · "I saw Satan fall like lighting from heaven". - Luke 10:18.

 · "How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth,

    you who once laid low the nations!". - Isaiah 14:12.

 · "However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven".

    - Luke 10:17, Verse 20.

 · "The Great Dragon was hurled down - the ancient serpent called Devil, or Satan,

    who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and His Angels with Him". - Revelation 12:9.

 · "The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world". - 1 John 4:4.

 · "To trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy". - Luke 10:19.

Aeshmadth´s Annex: Biblical Lines

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The Black Angels" and their ascension to the "Supreme Babalon" or "Sacred Whore" through sexual interaction with our            Hierophant, as his personal succubic assistants, being the Antichrist’s Harem, they being finally transmutated into "Biccubus".
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Asmodeus better and will help you to understand how certain Gods, Metagods, or even Incarnates operate, especially this                    Antichrist.

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