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A Circle Within The Circle: The Black Angels, The Antichrist´s Brides

A Vampire Succubi / Biccubi Ascension Through Tantric Alchemy With The Antichrist & More!)


▼ The Path of The Babalon (The Sacred Whore): This path is a special division that can be compatible working beside and with the standard "main degrees" of work.
This path has its own system and develops another type of
Dark Ascension and Alchemical Soul Transmutation, beside the Hierophant.

The Black Angels’ practices are focused on Tantra, Sex Magick, and Shakti Energy. They work with positive erotic submission to the Hierophant, as personal assistants, a personal Daemonic Harem, and as Aeshma Sexual Club Guides and Witches. They can be women or shemales, as they will work with Shakti energy, Babalon, Satania, The 4 Whores of Hell (5), (especially the young Lilith´s mask -*Hekate has 3 aspects, Lilith´s 3 aspects are egregoric-), Astral Sexual Vampirism, Sexual Vampirism, Tantra, Reiki, The Sphere of Gamaliel, "Asmodeus´ Daeva / global spirit or source spirit", Draconian Magick, and especially Lunar and feminine energies.

They are sacred. The Black Angels, Succubi in essence. They are a special Class, closer to the Hierophant.

The Black Angels specific Degrees are:

0 - Black Angel Candidate
1 - Black Angel (Onyx)
2 - Black Angel (Carnelian)
3 - Black Angel (Garnet)
4 - Black Angel (Obsidian)
5 - Black Angel (Silver)
6 - Supreme Babalon Priestess (Gold)
7 - Lilithu Satana (S.B.B.) (Adamantis)

Babalon / ˈbæbælən / (also known as the Scarlet Woman, Great Mother or Mother of Abominations) is a Goddess found in the Occult system of Thelema, which was established in 1904 with the writing of The Book of the Law by English author and occultist Aleister Crowley.

We have developed this daemonic and Sacred Figure and it will keep evolving with each Babalon on Earth. Every spirit who achieves this degree will enter into sacred communion with Babalon, changing itself and the Babalon´s essence, being both a more powerful being, as one united and separately, bi-located, and symbiotic.

These Black Angels will have the Energetic Imprint of Asmodeus (and this current Incarnation: Falcifer), becoming Brides of The Devil On Earth (and afterlife),
due their transmutation, and their transformations. This imprinting works like a Vampire´s connection with the original Vampire (Sire) in that they will always and forever remain linked and related. In this case the degree of potency will be more pure as well as characteristic of the flame that lights their flame, Asmodeus.

*Click here to know more about this dedication, and our sexual practices - The Black Angels)
*Click here to know more about our sexual practices in The Devil´s Temple)

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Satania manifested through the Supreme Babalon 

The Black Angel´s Stages [Special Division (I.T.A.S.)]

Antichirst Black Angels.jpg

Seal or Sigil of The Black Angels
(Asmodeus´ Demonesses)

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The Black Angels: General Basic Information

▼ An OverviewThe Black Angels are meant to cultivate their feminine and nurturing side. They are tasked with pursuing self-transformation, striving to please the Nephilim and to resemble them more closely by cultivating discipline, serenity, harmony, purity, humility, charisma, and both internal and external beauty.

The Black Angels are instructed to regularly pray to the Nekalah (Dark Gods), perform yoga and regularly meditate. They are encouraged to do sports and to limit their intake toxins and additives consumption, to have a healthy diet and to avoid refined sugar so as to maintain their physical health, vitality and beauty.

They have proved useful for the group's public relations and have also provided volunteers for multiple tasks. They are a living model of the Devilist system of Horak.

The Black Angels has a seven-tiered structure, symmetrical with the seven-tiered structure of Devilism as a whole.

The Black Angels are divided into 3 main groups: (The White (Candidates), Black (Initiates), and Red Angels).


 · White Angels: wear white, usually they are out of the Temple, they can choose human lovers, they have to study and practice the Devilist Doctrine, specially the Path Of The Sacred Babalon and they are tasked with operating in the world to attract more members into the Devilist movement and fight the Right Hand Spiritual Paths with magick and legal actions. They can try to be selected becoming Black Angels´ Candidates.

The Conversion Of New AdeptsWhite Angels engage in missionary activities to attract converts. Members expose The Books Of The Temple to sell on the street or during pagan and/or spiritual meetings.

They can encounter resistance to their attempts to liberate others; Falcifer explains that this is to be expected, for the Dark Gods told that only 3% of humanity is intelligent enough to be receptive to the Devilist message; that´s one of the reasons why the message has to be available and correctly explained but never forced if the infividual is not ready and open to embrace it. Any Devilist found trying to force someone to convert is banned from the organisation for 7 years, the period which  it takes for every cell in the body to be replaced.

Since 2023, new members of the movement have been expected to sign an "Act of Apostasy," and send a letter of apostasy to any religious organisation that they were previously involved with as a true act of liberation, although this remains optional the organization insists in its liberating effects.



· Black Angels: wear a black collar consecrated by the Daemonic Council and are considered by Master Falcifer (Asmodeus) to be the "His Chosen Demonesses" who will become the consorts of the Antichrist (or Vindex).

They are expected to live a sequestered life, initially in The Devil´s Temple community, and are expected to reserve their sexual activity for Him, between them (optional)

and ocasionally with other Temple´s members (optional and under approval).


· The Red Angels: are characterized by a Sacred Garnet Ring. They are handpicked by Master Falcifer for their spirit, energy, character, intelligence and physical beauty, and are described as being the first humans who will ascend as a High Rank Demonesses of The Infernal Palace Of Asmodeus. (They are considered Black Angels too).


The Black and Red Angels are expected to abstain from sexual activity with most other humans (unless special authorization) but should receive instruction in Infernal /Daemonic Lovemaking, Tantric practices, etc as well as engaging in sexual acts alone (as Neemniorah) or with other Angels.

One of the main reasons to avoid certain sexual interactions is to maintain a Infernal Circuit of sexual energy and impregnation, this is to void distortions on your Runanubandha "ऋणानुबंध" due that these are Higher Daemonic Transmutations (Spiritual Essence / Energy Alchemy).


As opposite to the Right Hand Path doctrines, and under the guidance of Asmodeus, we -usually- see Runanubandha "ऋणानुबंध" Alterations / Interactions as a positive key to strenghten your energetic integrity with interaction (human or not). The Path Of Prostitution (Sacred Whore), and it also has benefits for vampiric energy processing and digestion, this may be positive for Out-Of-Temple-Devilists in general who wish to interact with multiple partners in the outside world. They will rarely be interacting with Higher Daemonic Energies or simply are not under a Spiritual Transfiguration like this.

In these cases the Runanubandha "ऋणानुबंध" problem can be solved with water or fire baths and energetic balance-meditation work, the goal will be to get rid of the weak or disturbing energies of produced by a low-vibrational sexual interaction.

For Inside-Temple Sexual Practices this problem (beside others) will be avoided via spiritual assitance and special religious and tantric methods just performed in ritual space or under the Devilist guidance (both for Inner Adepts and for Black Angels).


For The Black Angels´ Higher Infernal Work (Daemonic Succubi Transformation beside Asmodeus) is needed a certain cut of foreign human (weaker) sexual exchanges of energy. (Especially woman: *See the up 7 years sexual cycle versus the 28th Lunar days for males) because  the purifying methods previously mentioned, if they were used, will not just get rid of the human energy exchange but the Daemonic Exchange too.

The Black Angels usually are insulated from the rest of the Temple´s Adepts (they interact but under special circumstances or dates), with the Black Angels' living beside the Hierophant (Falcifer / Asmodeus) being off-limits to non-Angels (in the Temple).

Access to the Black Angels is strictly limited for both journalists and scholars. The Black Angels, under serious circumstances can be deprived of their status as Black Angels, when they are perceived to have acted in contravention of the group's ethos or simply they can leave wehenever they desire.

The initiation rites include declaring an oath or making a contract in which one agrees to become defender of the Devilist Ideology and its adepts (beside other practices, rites and ordeals).

The Black Angels is one of the most transparent movements you can witness, since everything is done voluntarily and completely consciously by adult individuals (as a consentual role practice).

Join The Movement!Master Falcifer has instructed some women members (In and Out Of Temple Adepts) to play a pro-sex real feminist role in the Devilist current. "Falcifer's Girls" is another group of women in the religion (not directly related with The Black or White Angels but most of them share tese titles too) which are against female genital mutilation, the demonization of pornography, the suppression of feminine acts of pleasure, including sexual intercourse with men or women, beside others.

Falcifer's Girls not only consists solely of women who work in the sex industry, this group is composed by Devilists and Left Hand Practitioners around the whole planet.

The women of Falcifer's Girls say that there is not any reason to repent for performing striptease or being a prostitute, as owners of their human vessel any human should be able to do whatever they desire with their own bodies.


This organization was established "to support sexuality, personal freedom and the choice of the women who are working in the sex industry".

The group also combats paedophilia. They publicly distributed leaflets in different American and European locations protesting the existence of over a hundred child molesters among International Roman Catholic Clergy.

Due to the Falcifer´s Girls´ interventions and conferences a former bishop of the Catholic Church in Spain, joined the Devilist Movement, stating that doing so would allow him to embrace his homosexuality and finally being happy, and to live in peace with himself, without blame or negative feelings.

Additionaly, the group has launched different projects to raise money to create a hospital in Africa to reverse damage caused by female genital mutilation (FGM); one of the missions as organization is to oppose FGM or premature marriages in different countries.

Another task of the group established by the Devilist Church is to act as an Infernal Association of Sexual Minorities, an LGBT rights group.

Several Devilist groups in the United States have organized annual protests, claiming that women should have the same legal right to go topless in public that men enjoy without fear of arrest for indecent exposure. Some people have called this a publicity stunt designed to recruit members. Free The Nipple Day is their annual event, they explain that ancient civilizations like the Summerian, Egyptian, Greek or the Roman women were more sexualy free and able to go topless (or partially topless).

This special day Devilist women protest topless except for nipple pasties to avoid arrest. It is held near 26 August, the anniversary of Women's Equality Day and it is part of the triad of 3 Devilist Celebrations called all together "The Aeshmadth" (*Note: Click here to learn about these Sacred Days:Aeshmadth).

Falcifer´s Girls


White Angels Meeting


Falcifer´s Girls
(Alternative Activist & Ideological Movement)

Antichirst Black Angels.jpg
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Asmodeus & His Bride-Whores (The Black Angels), this is not a casual representation,
Thousands of Witches and Sorcerers have envisioned Asmodeus accompanied by His girls

(*Read our articles: Who Are The Nephilim?, Asmodeus, The Devil´s Sex Path & The Antichirst to understand better)

Black Angel´s Candidates (The Order Of The Black Angels)

▼ The Black Angels´CandidatesIn 2022, Devilism established the Order Of The Black Angels, an external all-female group of Black Angel´s Candidates whose members are largely sequestered from wider society and tasked with training themselves to become the Infernal Nephilim's consorts.
The Black Angels´Candidates are trained (out of The Temple) to become the consorts of Master Falcifer (Asmodeus) in The Temple.

He stated that these women -when become Black Angels- would be the only incarnated spirits permitted contact with the Black Dragon (Falcifer/Asmodeus).
They will serve as the Nephilim's liaisons with human politicians, scientists, and journalists. Asmodeus stated that it was only women (or especial males with abnormal levels of shaktic/feminine energy) who could become His Black Angels (or Succubi) because men were do not have enough shaktic energy for the grand work of The Black Angels. Masculine energy is not and shouldn´t be extremely gentle, delicate, submissive and sensitive (special transwomen are permitted to train and develop their shaktic essence to the maximum); Asmodeus praise transgender members for "choosing to be a woman".

(*Click here to join The Black Angels)

If your destiny is to become one of My Angels... you can, you should, and if you´re brave enough to start, you will..."
-S.W. Falcifer

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The Incarnates",
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V.K. Jehannum and connected      with Devilism.

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    Our current does not support animal sacrifice (or human), and it takes needed Energy from the practice of Daemonic Tantra and Kundalini Exercises, etc.
    We describe some of the basics related to "
The Black Angels" and their ascension to the "Supreme Babalon" or "Sacred Whore" through sexual interaction with our            Hierophant, as his personal succubic assistants, being the Antichrist’s Harem, they being finally transmutated into "Biccubus".
    We explain some of their basic Daemonic Hierarchy, their role in the Astral as Sexual Vampires, their role in the Infernal Empire on Earth and during "The War" as The      Daemonic Feminine.

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Hierophant, The Son of The Devil on Earth
     Also, here we treat The Vindexian Heroic Liberation, the oppressive forces, and how they work.
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Asmodeus better and will help you to understand how certain Gods, Metagods, or even Incarnates operate, especially this                    Antichrist.

The Devil Star
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