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 The Devil´s Club: The Devil´s Club is The Devil´s Temple Affiliates Program.
It is a multilevel scheme that offers a real product/service/informations which is legal. It is not a pyramidal infinite scheme which is ilegal in many countries!

These type of programs are used by recognized trademarks and different corporations, and can help the affiliates to earn a substantial and constant income while they help the group and/or its message to be known. Also, becoming a registred member it will grant you access to exclusive forum´s zones where you can study and share information.

▲ +18
: We respect the legal “Age of Majority”, according to local laws and regulations. The Age of Majority varies from region to region and even from country to country.
The most common, however, is age
18+. Therefore, we wont accept candidates under the age of 18 years of age under any circumstances and without exception.



 Donate: First of all we would like to say thank you for your initiative during these hard times. We really love all our supporters; let´s make it real!
Below you have different ways to send your donations; they will be saved -and/or invested in secure investments plans- until we can make it happen.
Again, Thank you! Without you would be impossible.


* If you want to donate other cryptocurrencies just let us know and we will provide you the adress.




* We receive about a 4% less due fees and taxes.

How It Works?:
1) The candidate registers himself/herself to
The Devil´s Club program. (It has a cost of 50€ per month). (If the candidate cuts his/her subscrition will lose all their linked referees!)

2) The candidate receives:
    · A personal and unique affiliate link. (This can be used to promote
The Devil´s Club program and our different content in multiple platforms to obtain referees).
    · Exclusive access to private sections on the forum where multiple knowledge is shared.
    · A personal discount coupon of 5% on all T.D.T. & Satania´s products and services (active while you stay active as a subscriber of the affiliate program).

3) The candidate will promote through the net our suggested content and will link his/her personal affiliate link in the different profiles, posts, videos, blogs, etc in order to obtain valid referees linked to his/her active profile. (+18).

4) The system automatically will pay the user for every new registration and for its monthly fees (25€ for each 5o€ obtained -every month!).
     i.e.: If you enroll 10 referees you will obtain 250€ every month as long as they still paying their monthly fee. 250€ every month, quantity that can easily grow:
     Let´s imagine that you enroll 10 referees every month, the 1st month you will obtain: 250€
, the 2nd month: 500€, the 3rd month: 750€, and so on.



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▲ We´re sure by now you will have tons of questions! We understand; drop them here: TDT - DEVILISM (FORUM F.A.Q.)
▲ Ask your questions to our team! Send us an audio message to - Please, say your name, where you are from, and your question, and attach your photo. We will edit and publish a video-response.
▲ Ask your questions to S.W. Falcifer! Send us an audio message to - Please, say your name, where you are from, and your question to Falcifer,,and attach your photo. We will edit and publish a video-response.
▼ To register officially: as a Devilist and select a mode of registration (type can be changed anytime) go to:
 · Age 18+ (Waiting List) For serious & long-term registrations to - Inner Temple Adept´s Initiations - VISIT: JOIN US - or - Contact us here: E-mail
 · Age 18+ (Waiting List) For registration as a Devilist - Out of Temple Adept - (Membership card, etc) - VISIT:
JOIN US - or - Contact us here: E-mail
To learn / study more of our doctrines go to: "Devilism".

More Devilism (Other Links Of Interest)

777 CANDLE 777
777 CANDLE 777

Please read this article again, as well as our other articles, so that you may come to understand more deeply, what The Devilism is. 

▼ Some of the Topics Covered:

  - The Devil´s Temple (Main Page):   
    Main page with all the links about us, the future Temple, and all the basic information.

- The Devil´s Temple Project:
    Herein, we explain our plans and how we want to build and organize the Temple, by now a project.

  - Satan:   
    Herein, we explain and centralize some of the basic information related to Satan. This article will help you to understand Satan better and it will also help you understand        how certain Gods, Metagods, and even Incarnates, operate.

  - The Devilism - Philosophies: Basic Information, The Dogma-Phobia (LHP Mistake), etc...   
     Herein, we detail a basic perspective concerning some of our philosophy and our conclusions, the path’s basic perspective about the Left Hand Path, and some of the             possible problems that can arise for the spiritual development of the practitioner. i.e. the "Dogma-phobia", etc. This article resonates with a mental and rational undertone.

  - The Devilism - Theosophy & Gnosis: Basic Info, V.K. Jehannum´s  Gnosis Connected to Devilism, The War...       
    Herein, we cover basic spiritual concepts within the new doctrine, such as: Theosophical concepts and channeled Daemonic Gnosis, "
The Incarnates",
    "The 7 Pure Sons Of The Devil", "
The Spiritual War", etc.
    Within this article you will find how the "Metagod" and the "Soul Composition" concepts were released to the public by the dark sorcerer: 
V.K. Jehannum and connected      with Devilism.

  - The Devil´s Sex’ Path: The Temple of The Flesh, Tantra, The Black Angels, Supreme Babalon, Biccubus...          
    Herein, we cover all the basic concepts related to sex and our current. 
    Our current does not support animal sacrifice (or human), and it takes needed Energy from the practice of Daemonic Tantra and Kundalini Exercises, etc.
    We describe some of the basics related to "
The Black Angels" and their ascension to the "Supreme Babalon" or "Sacred Whore" through sexual interaction with our            Hierophant, as his personal succubic assistants, being the Antichrist’s Harem, they being finally transmutated into "Biccubus".
    We explain some of their basic Daemonic Hierarchy, their role in the Astral as Sexual Vampires, their role in the Infernal Empire on Earth and during "The War" as The      Daemonic Feminine.

  - The Antichrist: The Masks, Vindex, Asmodeus Daeva Spirit Bi-location, The Communion...   
     This article explains everything related to our
Hierophant, The Son of The Devil on Earth
     Also, here we treat The Vindexian Heroic Liberation, the oppressive forces, and how they work.
     Additionally, we explain why you can invoke or evoke Asmodeus if he is Incarnated on Earth.

  - Asmodeus (Daeva´ Spirit):   
     Herein, we explain and centralize some of the basic information related to
     This article will help you to understand
Asmodeus better and will help you to understand how certain Gods, Metagods, or even Incarnates operate, especially this                    Antichrist.

The Devil Star
Antichirst Black Angels.jpg
777 CANDLE 777

                                     Check out our: Official Youtube Channels!


The Devil´s Temple´s Official Youtube Channel:

The Devil´s Temple - YOUTUBE


The Satania´s Coven Official Youtube Channel:

Satania - YOUTUBE

The Black Angel´s Official Youtube Channel:

The Black Angels - YOUTUBE


The Aeshma LHP Sexual Club´s Official Youtube Channel:

Aeshma Sexual Club - YOUTUBE


The Akasha House - Vampyr Clan´s Official Youtube Channel:

Akasha Vampire Clan - YOUTUBE

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