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A Little Introduction

Devilism  is the new Left Hand Path spiritual current. Its immediate goal is to provoke the final liberation of the human being from useless morals and weak doctrines, in order to achieve self-deification. All the doctrine and gnosis are channelled as rebellious mysticism against limitations and all kind of mental and emotional boundaries. This is in order to deprogram and empower your mind, soul, energy and body for the benefit of spiritual freedom. 

Our path-working, its branches and their proceedings´ final goal, is to obtain personal self deification via
Dark Ascension. This process either awakens your true daemonic spirit (in case you’re a daemonic incarnation or Incarnate of some kind) or transmutates your spiritual essence to become a Daemon/Deva, the latter being with all the possible ramifications. The species depends upon your specific case and interests.

Devilism covers multiple traditions, methods, guides and practices -some exclusive- to obtain its goals. 
Devilism is a life-style- not a hobby or entertainment-  and it must be taken seriously. 

The Devil´s Temple is committed to the restoration of the true theistic Satanism, incorporating the most recent gnosis, verified channelling and daemonic wisdom, getting rid of the distortions of the modern Left Hand Path currents. We are especially focused upon our Infernal Faction (The Asmodeyan / Falciferian) and its duty on this planet
(as 1 of the 7
Infernal Factions
with 1 of the 7 possible Antichrists). 

We look at Shaitan as the true creator of mankind, as a father and a protector. We follow His supreme guidance.
Satan Himself (Enki, Ea, Melek Taus, Lucifer, Prometheus beside many other names) is the real god.

For far too long, enemies, idiots and outsiders have been free to define
Satan and Satanism to fit their own agendas. Daemons have rarely ever been allowed to speak for Themselves and reveal who They really are and what They are really about.

▲ The Devil´s Temple (Home of Devilists): As many of you know we have been walking the Dark Path for years, working hard on our witchcraft methods and bringing some of our magick works to the public. We started as a closed coven with no degrees or complex structure; a Magick Circle formed by just a few members who have been developing a multitude of spiritual practices.

Since the year 2022, this is changing. We’re adapting our structure in order to incorporate new members and to create a safe space for our daemonic spiritual development.
We are developing a project to create a physical daemonic temple for our long-term spiritual inner-temple courses.
The idea is to create a safe place for all of our Inner Practitioners to develop their skills and to develop their Daemonic Wyrd. It’s important that they will do so without: mundane distractions, limitations (sexual, moral and cognitive), and the blocking energies of
The Grid, The Veil, Maya, The Causal World, The Matrix (or whatever you want to call it). 

As we are theistic and Pagan by nature we also believe in Spirits, Daemons, Spells, and so on. We are creating an organized work-team, a Satanic collective.
This collective is based upon our doctrines and gnosis which is guided and directed by our
Hierophant: Master Falcifer

Instruction is commencing in our Magick programs and we will be giving space to perform and develop these practices. Once construction is complete and preparations made, The Temple will be a place for willing and chosen adult individuals who are meant to be part of this spiritual current of Devilism -guided by The Antichrist or The Devil on Earth

Our approach is to offer in-house food services, bedrooms, a gym, ritual tools and supplies, technology, internet access, communication with the outside world, a sauna, a swimming pool, green zones and other basic services and comforts for our Inner Adepts. Our members, as if they were in spiritual camps, monasteries, ashrams or other spiritual retreat centres will be able to leave when they so desire. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that once the process of Dark Ascension is initiated that it be completed and specific methods followed to attain substantial knowledge and experience. However, according to our doctrine, all will be free to leave or suspend their practices at any time.

*Note: Click here to learn more about our project to build The Temple


Is Devilism For Anyone?

Devilism: We do not pretend to convert people but we have been guided to make available our doctrine to individuals who may resonate with.

It is important to understand our approach, as we will not force the spiritual rebellion on anybody but we are able to explain and "sell" the benefits or reasons behind our path.

If the
Left Hand Path is a movement of few, the Devilism is a spiritual current of the choosen ones, the spiritual elite of the rebellion movement to achieve the self-deification

and we don´t expect a massive conversion.

Concerning the lack of tolerance displayed by other Satanic groups in the past our
Master Falcifer explained:

Devilism is beautiful. It does not care if your human vessel is Black, White, Arab, Japanese, Chinese, Asian, European, or any other. There is no issue.

Satan made us one big nation, a prolific tribe, and accepts anyone that comes with pure heart, pure intentions, and pure Will.

One of the most important things Satan transferred to us is: “be together and stay together”.

We are different individuals, different colors, and ethnicities but let us live together as one vast and abundant family


-Master Falcifer (extract of 1 Infernal Faction, 1 Empyre).


Is The Practice Of Devilism Safe? (Extended Answer)

Safety & Wills Explained: It is safe if you follow the instructions. As with any spiritual development, if it’s a potent one, it can have risks if you’re not guided properly.

However, with being in the Temple -Surrounded by professional Witches, our Master Falcifer, and other guiding Powers- any danger is highly unlikely.


However, we do not recommend its esoteric practice by individuals with any kind of mental health problem, especially schizophrenia.

The Devilism and its esoteric practice can help mentally, energetically, physically and magickally, but, it does not pretend to be a medical substitute of any kind.

If you have any problem related to your health, always first consult with a professional doctor.

Some individuals -if they’re not ready mentally, spiritually and energetically- can be easily overwhelmed by some sensations, due to the powers raised, or shocked because of the nature of the spiritual world, the surfacing of memories from past –or present- lives as traumas, or simply be shocked by our sexual and Pagan freedom, native to our religious practices. Mental preparation is highly encouraged. Understanding the Devilist Doctrine, philosophy and gnosis is key.


▼ There are 3 preferable “Wills” to follow when on the Dark Path:


 Spiritual Wills In Harmony




1.      The personal and higher Daemonic Wyrd (True Spiritual Will of the individual).

2.      The Infernal Faction´s collective´s Wyrd -or Will

         (Will which depends on the agenda of the chosen faction).

3.      The Grand Collective Wyrd -or Will(that which is of The Infernal Empire).

Maximum Synergy: better results of the actions on the planes.(individual & collective).

(*Important Note: This table does not contemplete the ego and its trivial desires.)

All Wills should be working together in total harmony, in concordance with -and in complete synergy with- The Daemonic Integrity within (or Kundalini´s Integrity).

This one, is extremely affected by the owns Kundalini´s versus the mind (Shakti and Shiva), and contradicting or confronting its desires just brings misery and emptiness

to the adept´s existence.


When this harmony manifests, there is internal balance and, without externally imposed morals and prejudices.


The Daemonic Integrity is not the Personal True Will but it works as a complementary power of it. It is directly linked with one’s animalistic Primal nature but also with the higher aspects and spiritual mission.


When The Daemonic Integrity, True Personal Will, Infernal Faction´s Collective´s Will and the Will of The Infernal Empire are all in complete harmony, the Ascension process and experience are boosted.


Before immersing oneself in the Ascension process (or Dark Ascension), as well as working on the personal and higher Daemonic Wyrd (True Will or Personal True Will)

and the Grand Collective Wyrd (The Infernal Empire), know that the Ascension process is comprised of major endless action (continuous and manifested).

Also know that it is a predatory and never ending conquest, that is without goal but comprised of goals.

When reaching this harmony, the Devilist will remain in a state of grace (Daemonic Bliss)…

Happy and present. Daemonic Bliss is…beyond mundane paradigms, limiting social norms and time.


Because love and happiness are not confronted with -and thus, not in conflict with- The Sacred Darkness or Daemonic Ascension at all, they remain and are another essential part, or state, of it.


Love, love under Will, is one of the keys to expanding oneself. Within the subculture of the Dark Path, there unfortunately remains a stereotype of the Dark Adept.

The embodiment of the stereotype associates: “Darkness = Evil  and Darkness: Sadness or Melancholia and Hate”.

This thought-construct must be seriously worked on and be removed. In order to avoid role-personification based on implanted programs and the construct’s inherent multiple negative possible manifestations.


-The Devilist aspires to be enjoying the process, even if it requires personal sacrifices or painful actions and decisions hard to take, if it is connected with his or her True Will.

The Enlightenment is part of the spiritual evolution of the being and must be understood as a necessary process.-


If somehow “they” have made the adept believe in the Dark Adept stereotype, cleansing the adept of debilitating beliefs and doctrines is another key to avoid fears and other problems. For example, dangers may be magnetically drawn into the adept’s life due to fear.

This is the law of attraction, especially if there´s emotions related, and fear is not a good state to be during your Dark Ascension.


Such an adept requires a full deprogramming of limiting and previous religious systems and their mental constructs. Therefore, in order to obtain a substantial psychic liberation,

some of the first practices are heretical in nature. This is as in many Traditional covens and Occult groups, both from the past and in the present.


The firsts ceremonial rites or Black Masses that a Neophyte should do or perform are the heretical ones, with the goal of cleansing his or her conscient and subsconcient mind from fear, and stupid beliefs implanted by others. Working with Cohzier, Lucifuge, Belial or Merehim is a good idea for these magickal operations. In fact, there are loads of daemons that will help the Devilist in heretical practices, especially for initiations.


These ritualistic practices are not only to purge the mind from religious implants and fear-triggers -or simply negative emotions-, but also for erasing personal non-beneficial associations like for example: “all men are bad” or “all women are bad”, beliefs based on traumatic experiences with one specific individual (or more than one) or simply programmed by others.


The first goal is to remove fears, traumas and blockages.


The esoteric practice of Devilism -as with anything powerful- must be experienced with respect and knowledge. In case you are lacking in knowledge, you just have to respect the Powers and follow the systems and professional indications exactly. Do not modify or omit any proceeding and you will have nothing to worry about.


Working on your foundation is a must, meditation is and will be your pillar. The Devilist meditation´s goal is to empower, and to bring knowledge about the beings and powers of the Infernal Empire, but most important, bring knowledge about your own.


Classic graven of the King Belial initiating adepts by execrating the Christian cross.

What Aspects Does The Devilist Lifestyle Promote?

X: Devilism promotes and demands benefitial ways of living life. It is a return to the ancient practices of the ancient Pagan traditions under the Infernal prism.
The goals proposed in order to achive a higher state of consciousness are multiple: health. Physical, mental and spiritual. This combination has a special term in the
Devilist cosmology: "Usbanasatham", a word in daemonic tongue, -Devilism uses various words like this-, that, help us to understand more deeply the correlation between all the spheres of our health and the powers and pleasures that can emanate of a healthy body, mind and spirit.

Dividing the U
sbanasatham, if we look at the aspects, the physical for example, is highly worked with sports, different and daily yoga practices, meditation and an organic healthy diet without synthetic foods, chemicals and plant based -Devilism allows to eat meat to their adepts but if it is the case is recommended to reduce the intake at minimum -or supress it, obtaining the proteins from different vegetal and natural sources- nevertheless the vast of the Devilist audience is predominantly vegetarian and not vegan, as eggs, honey, fermented cheeses and yogurts are some of the animal derivates recommended by the movement.

Physically, the
Devilists works upon the doctrine and philosophy stablished, a powerful vision of the self and its existence. This knowledge combines and covers multiple topics and situations, all in favor of the adept´s development in all levels.

One of the early things that adepts undertake as initiatiory rites are the Heretical Rituals, designed to clean the mind fo the practitioner from irrational fears, weaknesses, traumas, implanted prejudices and negative associations; the goal, once again, is to let the inherent Will, uncontamined by other´s thoughts, bloom. To obtain this the adept is inspired by the different spirits and daemonic gods of the past, present and future, entities of power and bravery, of sex and delight, of hapiness and wisdom.

Spiritually the process of
Dark Ascension transforms the individual´s spirit and there are many personal insights, experiences and techniques involved in it.
The goal is to deify the individual to achieve what other men from the past or Ascended Masters achived, but to avoid the dissolution of the being into the
Cosmic Source (Akasha) or into the Void Of Darkness (Ahriman) or simply be absorved by any other god, that is, the main reason of the Great Spiritual Rebellion and its alliances of spirits, leaded before anyone by Satan (Lucifer, Set, beside other names).

Devilists as Tantric Satanists will not deny the carnal world or the mundane pleasures but they will observe them as an act of meditation, trained to see sex or eating as a supreme divine act that puts us in connection with the higher planes of conscience, merging the lower animal aspects with the higher conscious. Contemplating every act of manifestation as a sacred act of Will and magick exercised in this dimensional plane.

Devilists have multiple formats of relationships channeled by Asmodeus, to maximize the pleasure and hapiness but to avoid -as much as it´s possible- the negative effects of ordinary marriage monagamous systems or in the opposite side the casual encounters and hook-up culture.
These different formats of relationship interaction are optional and never forced unto the adept´s choice and can change at any time of the adept´s 
Ascension process.

The Path Of The Flesh is the paralel nomenclature for the specific sexual current, included in the Dark Ascension program beside Vampirism, meditation, Witchcraft, Sex Magick, ceremonial demonolatry and more, and it is one of the basic pillars of the religious movement; let´s do not forget that Falcifer is Asmodeus Incarnate a daemonic force highly involved in sexual powers, succubi and incubi spirits and the burning life force that motivates our inner child to become a warrior, free of any oppresion or oppressor/s.

Devilism is a unique combination of Paganism, Witchcraft, Trascendental Practices, Tantric Sex, Health and Daemonic Knowledge; but this is just a brief description.


Does Devilism Sacrifice People Or Animals?

x: It

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