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The House Of The Devil: Home Of Devilists

 The Devil´s Temple (Home of Devilists): As many of you know we have been walking the Dark Path for years, working hard on our witchcraft methods and bringing some of our magick works to the public. We started as a closed coven with no degrees or complex structure; a Magick Circle formed by just a few members who have been developing a multitude of spiritual practices.

Since the year 2022, this is changing. We’re adapting our structure in order to incorporate new members and to create a safe space for our daemonic spiritual development.
We are developing a project to create a physical daemonic temple for our long-term spiritual inner-temple courses.
The idea is to create a safe place for all of our Inner Practitioners to develop their skills and to develop their Daemonic Wyrd. It’s important that they will do so without: mundane distractions, limitations (sexual, moral and cognitive), and the blocking energies of
The Grid, The Veil, Maya, The Causal World, The Matrix (or whatever you want to call it). 

As we are theistic and Pagan by nature we also believe in Spirits, Daemons, Spells, and so on. We are creating an organized work-team, a Satanic collective.
This collective is based upon our doctrines and gnosis which is guided and directed by our
Hierophant: Master Falcifer

(*Click here to know more about our doctrine: "Devilism".)

Instruction is commencing in our Magick programs and we will be giving space to perform and develop these practices. Once construction is complete and preparations made, The Temple will be a place for willing and chosen adult individuals who are meant to be part of this spiritual current of Devilism -guided by The Antichrist or The Devil on Earth

Our approach is to offer in-house food services, bedrooms, a gym, ritual tools and supplies, technology, internet access, communication with the outside world, a sauna, a swimming pool, green zones and other basic services and comforts for our Inner Adepts. Our members, as if they were in spiritual camps, monasteries, ashrams or other spiritual retreat centres will be able to leave when they so desire. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that once the process of Dark Ascension is initiated that it be completed and specific methods followed to attain substantial knowledge and experience. However, according to our doctrine, all will be free to leave or suspend their practices at any time.


Temple suggestion

The Devil´s Temple

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The Intensive Courses (Long-Term Or Permanent Residence)

(Please read everything twice and consider it thoroughly before asking questions already answered.)
▲ WARNING! Before intensive courses or long-term stays, please keep in mind the following:

(P01) Legal Contract: Prior admittance, you must pass some basic tests and interview stages, as well as provide certain personal information. Also prior admittance, your signing of a Legal Contract is obligatory. Within this Contract, you will acknowledge that you agree with our norms, terms of stay and participation, and systems. The Contract is both with The Temple and “The Devil”. You are also acknowledging and accepting that we may revoke the Contract at any time and for any reason that we see fit. 

(P02) 18+: We respect the legal “Age of Majority”, according to local laws and regulations. The Age of Majority varies from region to region and even from country to country. The most common, however, is age 18+. Therefore, we wont accept candidates under the age of 18 years of age under any circumstances and without exception. 

(P03) Admission Rights: The courses or Daemonic careers require dedication and serious consideration. Although you will be able to leave whenever you want, we are able to reject or expel problematic members or non-serious practitioners. 

(P04) Fraternity & Drama: The goal of this place and this project is to find your Daemonic purpose, besides aiding in and contributing to the Devil´s Agenda and our progress as a collective. This may sound contradictory, but, while we are individuals in support of independence and thus may be considered “individualists”, we are primarily a collective of progressing individual souls and minds in a proactive space.
We are neither seeking nor reaching toward loss of that individuality that only results in the final dissolution of our consciousness within The Source, as many Right Hand Path religious systems are. Rather, we protect, help and teach one another as brothers and sisters, as a pack and as allies.

Our brothers and sisters will be always loved as they are few, unique and special, and because they are The Infernal Empire’s Representatives on Earth. We protect our Circle as the wolves protect their kind, because they are Infernal and we are Infernal. We can both be one and many, as Legion taught us, and like the Antichrist will be.

In order to do great things, more than one individual has to get involved). We are one community, The Devilists. Therefore, there will be no tolerance for bigotry, unnecessary drama, or divisive attitudes or behaviors toward any Member at any time or for any reason whatsoever.

(P05) Sex, Diseases, Schedules & Chill-Time: The Temple is a palace of sex, Tantric Practices and amazing experiences. We will never force anyone into participating in any of our practices, but you can’t break rules and expect that we will allow you to stay.

Like other Traditional Tantric Methodologies and Tantric Orders, some practices and their pertinent requirements may involve orgasm retention, Pagan-style rituals, isolation and other spiritual processes during menstruation and other practices.

A health / blood / Covid test is needed EVERY time you exit The Temple to enter again. This, is for the safety and consideration of all the other participants. (
*If you have any disease, email us.)

There are basic collective norms and regular schedules like in any productive camp or temple.
These must be followed in order to obtain results individually and as a collective and they apply to Yoga programs, rituals or Magick Orgies, fun, “chill time”, and leisure activities, inclusively.
Everything has its place, space and time.

(P06) Magick Not/Approved: In your free time you can perform personal minor spells for luck, blessings, energy, lust and Daemonic contact. These are completely allowed even if not in our programs.

However, for operations concerning curses, love spells, spiritism (ouija included), out-of-program-servitors and any High Magick Operations, operations must be approved by a High Priest or Priestess or The Hierophant.

Working with Right Hand Path Angels, Right Hand Path Ascended Masters (such as The Great White Brotherhood, for example), and/or their intermediaries, are forbidden in this Temple.
These kind of beings can interfere with other members’ transformations, our rituals, energies, Daemons, and contacts or may simply disturb, disrupt and be a nuisance. (Angels are not equal to benevolent, celestial, pure, and holy beings.) Remember that this is a Daemonic Camp, The Devil´s Temple!

(P07) Adaptation: In order to obtain and maintain maximum spiritual effectiveness and efficiency, possible new Gnosis channelization and future rituals yet not practiced here may arise and surface. The organization can be (re)molded according to the needs or aspirations of different groups and situations. Yes, we have the base, the foundations, but if the Hierophant or our High Priests/ess consider something new, arrangements can be made for the sake of the best results possible.

(P08) Cost of Time and Money: The minimum basic course-program duration is at least 3 months. Also, your needs and basic services have a cost (electricity, heating, food, internet, technology, ritual items and supplies, Temple taxes, etc.).Therefore, you will have to save the money beforehand or arrange for yourself to work online to pay your monthly "Fee / Share". Another option is to work for the Temple as payment for your costs. Both options are fine as long as you take care of your own "Expenses / Costs".

(P09) Refund Terms: There is a upfront "Fee" for 2 months minimum. If you are a Long-term or Permanent Resident of the Facility, should you be expelled by us for any reason, you will be given 3 days of notice in order to arrange your affairs. Partial refund of any fees paid upfront, amount based upon your amount of time spent with us, will not exceed half regardless of amount of time spent within the premises and/or within your chosen program of enrolment, in order to cover administrative expenses, goods and services used and our time and effort. Should you decide, however, on your own cognizance, to leave for any reason, you accept and acknowledge that absolutely no refund will be issued under any circumstances whatsoever.

(P10) Results, Spiritual Manifestations and Weak Minds: We need to bring to your attention and warn you that there are various possible outcomes when dealing with these powerful techniques, teachings and entities. You can experience Poltergeist phenomena, astral projection, etc., during some moments and periods within your ascension process. We encourage you to be brave and to have a strong mind. Usually, fear is the enemy of the Witch.

The worst experiences can appear during a Kundalini Awakening, and that is “Third Eye Overload”. This may be really difficult to deal with for some individuals. So, it is key to have your life in harmonic order (whatever that is for you) and to have Daemonic Integrity. If you feel overwhelmed by the energies of your Kundalini, the Hierophant or our Witches will help you and solve the problem. They know what to do. Also, please keep in mind that you can interrupt the practice at any time.

On the other hand, some people just flow, opening their senses slowly. These may or may not experience any notable visual and/or physical manifestations. If spoon-fed fictions via Hollywood movies, it’s possible to be deceived as to what is possible, what may happen, what will happen and how. If this is the case, you may not enjoy the rituals and practices, due to unrealistic expectations. Also, as to the "Arte", the rituals and practices are sacred acts to be present, as a God. It is possible to commit the common mistake of over-analyzing, or to do the opposite and perform the practices as a mundane act or task, without focus or deep interest. Be watchful and very self-aware so as not to generate apathy.

(P11) Dedication & Hard Work: To obtain results, the change begins with you and occurs within you.
Although we will work deeply with you against fears, traumas, energy blockages, and other problems, keep in mind that in order to progress, to change and evolve, you must desire the change first. You must put hard work into your own path, as no one will do it for you.

(P12) Time Organization, Respect The Hierarchy: You will have to follow our program and practice with the necessary level of discipline involved, not unlike Buddhist monks or some christian monasteries. We will have different blocks of time during the day to perform activities such as ritual work, free time, work, sleep, restaurant service, laundry service, shower rotations, parties, etc.

Our guidelines exist in order to help you and specific procedures exist in order to benefit you and the others. Don’t forget that!

(P13) Honesty / Sincerity: If you have any problem or doubt please communicate with us so that we can help you to find a solution to your problem. This includes if you get into any trouble (may be spiritual) because you didn’t follow our instructions. You must tell us! Hiding information or lying will not help anyone in ascension neither you nor the community. Also, as a group, we naturally have to deal with mundane and ordinary tasks and affairs. So, we must be free and able to do this without any concern about something going on that shouldn’t be.

(P14) Doctrine: We are Left Hand Path theists and we deal with ancient Gods and spirits. Acausal manifestations may occur. Fearful people: Be forewarned!
(See (
P10)Kundalini Awakenings may happen, so, please study and understand the possible outcomes.

Also be forewarned that some of our rituals are shocking for the Neophyte including: nudity, sex, blasphemies and other natural and empowering things.

Serious understanding and resonance with The Devilism and its doctrine are required as this is not a "High School Rock Camp". Yes, we can have fun, but mind the purpose, mind Thelema
(*Go to "Devilism´ section" and study, and reread ALL the articles before deciding anything).

(P15) Family & Friends: You can visit with your family and friends whenever you want, provided that you do not repeatedly interrupt classes and rituals requesting assistance. Exercise common sense! No non-practitioners are allowed in our Temple. Keep in mind that this is a sacred space for everyone. Some will be doing deep meditative work. Respect the space and respect the other Members’ right to their time and processes. Keep in mind that some of the imagery, practices and/or sexual freedom can shock “Mundanes” / "Normies" / "Muggles".


Black Sorcerer

The Devil´s Temple

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Types Of Membership

We have created a "primary structure" and classification system for the different types of Members and Supporters of The Devil´s Temple.


▲ Types of Adepts (Levels of Membership):

Outer Circle (O.T.A.): (Outside Temple Adepts): Students of Devilism as well as Satania´s devotees. They can come to our Temple and meetings (or not) if they are the Devil’s students (Devilists) and follow this current. They can practice from their place (External Devilist) or may even create groups of Magick working and practice. (some may be official covens approved by the order some not)

LHP Visitors (E.A.): (External Adepts/Non-paying Supporters): This classification applies to: Left Hand Path practitioners whom are in the major current "LHP" (whether or not Devilists themselves) who want to join us sometimes for specific rites or specific meetings, Sabbaths and events, These supporters include External Devilists (O.T.A.) OR simply Devilists, (but not Temple Members specifically)
They may be LHP Practitioners or LHP Adepts who can benefit from our knowledge, practices and spiritual environment from time to time. (Upcoming: There will be special days for open-house meetings and for these external Adepts
(E.A.), to come)

LHP Visitors (F.D.): (External Adepts/Financial Donors): This classification applies to Left Hand Path Practitioners whom are in the major current "LHP" whether or not Devilists themselves) and want to join us sometimes for specific rites or specific meetings, Sabbaths and events. These Supporters include External Devilists (O.T.A.) OR simply Devilists, (but not Temple Members specifically) who are also Financial Donors. They may be LHP Practitioners or LHP Adepts who can benefit from our knowledge, practices and spiritual environment from time to time. Due to their Special Patronage, they are also welcome to come to the recreational zones of our facilities, such as the gym, swimming pool, etc. (Upcoming: There will be special days for open-house meetings and for these special external Adepts (F.D.), to come)

Inner  Circle (I.T.A.): (Inside Temple Adepts): The Devilist´s career as Daemon Sorcerer / Daemonic Witch…)

Inner Circle (I.T.A.S.): (Inside Temple Adepts - Specialist Branch): The Devilist’s career as a specialist. (*See Our Hierarchy: Specialist Branch (I.T.A.S.) for more information.) -There are more specializations not treated here-

▲ Main Degrees of Iniciation:

1 - Neophyte:
This grade is to learn the routines and basics, starting from the beginning.
(Plus much more)

2 - Dark Adept: 
Herein, we will develop areas of working such as Wampyrism, Witchcraft,
Tantra, and Energy Work. You are an "
(Plus much more)

3 - Daemonic Adept: 
We will transcend other sinister traditions, dogmas, and systems and evolve
your Daemonic Will.
(Plus much more)

4 - Devilist (Disciple of The Devil: 
We will learn High Magick, exorcisms, Necromancy, Daemonic Vampirism,
Healing, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, etc.
(Plus much more)

5 - High Priest / Priestess:
You will be teaching a magick group or coven as well as helping our spiritual
(Plus much more)

6 - Magnus:
You will be teaching a magick group or coven as well as helping our spiritual
(Plus much more)

7 - Immortal: 
At this level, you are a Demi-God, half God half human, having a deep philosophical understanding of magick, your soul and spirit. You are an essential part of the Infernal Empire on Earth.

*Important Note: If the person started without being born an Incarnate, they need complete transformation, basic and advanced Magicks and spiritual development, character development, moral and ethics reprogramming, power, control of the power, complete knowledge of who they were before and who they are now, etc.
Even if a born Incarnate there is a whole lot of work to do, but it’s much easier.

*Click here to know more about the Devilist Pathworking (Dark Ascension) and its degrees.)

Devilist Iniciatory Levels

The Devilist Degrees (A Basic Introduction).

Specialist Branches

▼ We still channeling all the information about the different specializations that Devilists may have, nevertheless here we want to inform about the question and some of the possibilites. We will be adding more information as soon as it is received.

Here are some of these Specialist branches, click the icon for more information.

The Devil Star
The Devil Star

Devilist Monk

The Devil Star

Devilist Scribe

The Devil Star

Devilist Priest/ess

The Devil Star

Devilist Preacher

The Devil Star

Devilist Artist

The Devil Star

Devilist Musician

The Devil Star

Devilist Warrior

The Devil Star

Devilist Spy

The Devil Star
The Devil Star

Devilist Builder

Devilist Nutritionist

The Devil Star

Devilist Healer

The Devil Star

Devilist Naturist

The Devil Star
The Devil Star
The Devil Star
The Devil Star
The Devil Star
The Devil Star
The Devil Star
The Devil Star
The Devil Star
The Devil Star
The Devil Star

Devilist Chef

Devilist Helper

Devilist Cypher

Devilist Financist

Devilist Sciencist

Devilist Administrative

Devilist Texturist

Infernal Emissary

Parallel Devilist Groups (Special Divisions)

Antichirst Black Angels.jpg
The Black Swans.png

Possible Locations For The Devil´s Temple

▲ Under Daemonic guidance, we are contemplating nine locations at this point in time.
We also value, and will value, the Astrological Factors.
(The list is no order of preference or importance.)

1, Pennsylvania area (USA).
Due to various signs, the natural zones, and the high level of neutral energy in some natural zones, we are considering this area. Some zones have an enormous ghostly aura, amazing during the nights. Also, it is a good place for people from all places of America to come to, there are good communication and transportation systems, we have already some followers there, and most of our followers are North American.
There are other possible "problems" even if we read the presence of portals. Yahweh has the entirety of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is an extremely politically Conservative state. Picture “red necks”, Christian Fundamentalists and Trump supporters driving the Temple underground or out of town! It gives the impression that it’s like a good old home town spirit over it. People probably have decent hearts (we read those too), but they are terribly misled due to the political cult mindset. The U.S. is a really weird country when it comes to Energy signatures and city/town and state guardians.

2. Arizona Area (USA).

Arizona is nice, but feels a bit “off”. We can feel a dormant "murder essence" and strong Martian energies there. Some would recommend Arizona over Pennsylvania. though.

3. Catalonian Pyrenees (SPAIN).
All of this area is amazing, ghostly during the night and witchy in the day. It’s a place where old European Witches performed their Sabbaths and called upon The Devil. There are also various towns nearby wherein the Witchcraft and Pagan background and tradition is preserved (although by a minority). UFO apparitions are also something pretty common there.
It is a huge natural place, strategically located between France and Spain and the Temple’s construction will be relatively cheaper there. Healthcare is free (or far cheaper) than in the USA. The meaning of the name of the place itself means "New Fire" (Neo Pyr). Immigration problems, for foreign long-term Inner Adepts, will be easier to solve. We also received several signs for this one.

4. Abbey of Thelema, Cefalù (ITALY). 
Aleister Crowley, who founded Crowleyanism, a Magickal work unfinished, by the time the drug addictions manifested, was a Devil’s Avatar, a Baphomet. This place seems to be a perfect place to continue with the work. Also, the location has several reference points for being a good Hell’s Gate.

5. California´s Deserts (USA).
here are endless places full of Solar energy and spiritual gates due to Native American Indian rites. Also, the solitude of some areas makes the desert a perfect place for meditation due to the complete absence of the noise of modern society. Deserts have always been a good place for Daemons and spiritual retreats.
We have also augured other signs concerning this place that cannot be revealed. Some areas feel like one big “hippy” town. However, they have terrible “drinking water” resources and wildfire problems. It’s also a huge earthquake zone and in summer in the south, it’s extremely hot.

6. India (INDIA).
There, spiritual groups, Temple-communities, Polytheism and other of our practices will be perfectly accepted. Our economic resources will have at least five times more value! So, it would be very easy to further develop the project, from one temple on a big piece of land to a complex with various buildings, etc. like a small independent village.
We already have a small audience there. It is a well-known and amazing spiritual zone and easy for Immigration. The negative aspects are: the general chaos of the city, the health services, and the security. These problems, however, can be fixed with further distance from the city and with money. (This option is the cheapest one!)

6. Luisiana/New Orleans (USA).
Since you might be tempted… Louisiana is interesting. Left Hand Path people love it. It’s politically Conservative, but the Energy due to the swamps alone, the spirits of the Dead, the Loa, Azrael having a Bride there, the Creole culture, jazz, and the massive amount of Magick… You will never feel anywhere else that is like New Orleans.
Unfortunately, however, it is sinking and the entire Atlantic coastline- especially the southern states- is prone to hurricanes and floods. New Orleans is under a type of judgement curse. We know because we cast it before Katrina hit. The problem is that too many “use” the spirits of the Dead, so they can’t move on. We don’t know how Azrael tolerates it, to be honest. Perhaps it’s because He loves His bride too much. (Leila Wendell. She’s sweet. We met her.) Summer is not only hot, but extremely humid.
Also, this seems like a bad idea for a retreat centre ambiance due the mental stimulation of the city and the depressive weather, ambience and energies far from ideal.

7. Salt Spring Island (CANADA).
There is an area in Canada. It has a micro-climate different from Vancouver or even Vancouver Island. It’s very free and progressive, gorgeous, and like a whole island art colony, focused on organic food and healthy life, has a Buddhist temple, is very eco-friendly and sustainable, is very LGBTQ+ Positive. Have you heard of a band called Bachman Turner Overdrive from the 70’s and 80’s? Randy Bachman lives there, has a home and private recording studio. He used a special earth-friendly means of building. It’s a dream destination.
Some problems we can see are: still in the earthquake zone but at least Vancouver Island might stop some of a tsunami, it’s hard to find a family doctor, you must be able to drive or put up with slow transportation and it’s an island with only helicopter and ferry access. Being an island, it’s very self-sufficient usually, but if a disaster happens it may be very hard to escape. It snows and clearing it can take time. Also, it can be very expensive for the Temple’s building and most of our Adepts will have Immigration restrictions.

8. Aragón (SPAIN).
There are incredible empty natural zones, valleys and forests, and areas that are private and big. As the Catalonia Pyrenees, there are various small towns nearby (rural zones). It is a huge natural place, strategically located between France and Spain and the Temple’s construction will be relatively cheaper there. Healthcare is free (or far cheaper) than in the USA. The meaning of the name of the place itself means "Water that flows between rocks" (Aitz Ura -in Celtic Stur-). Immigration problems, for foreign long-term Inner Adepts will be easier to solve. We also received several signs for this one and related zones that will work.


The Devil´s Temple

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Financing The Devil´s Temple

▲ In case someone still doesn’t comprehend this project, we emphasize that at this time it is just an idea, a project, and The Devil’s Temple is not build on Earth yet.
Herein, we have showcased the project’s basics / fundamentals for those whom are interested and to provide some information connecting all that is to come.

This House of Sin’s construction and implementation will first be financed by donations. Once it is constructed, it will be financed by "fees / shares", via membership fees paid by the Adepts, by services and/or a shop). You will find the "Donate" button on the upper-right of your screen, and sometimes here and there throughout the pages of this site.

If you like the idea, help us to make it real. We will take note of the most generous donors, and they will have special benefits and blessings.
Even if you can’t give much, anything will be highly appreciated.

*Click here to see the public & trasparent accounting of the Temple´s project.)

The Black Swans.png
The Devil Star
Antichirst Black Angels.jpg


i want u.jpg

▲ We´re sure by now you will have tons of questions! We understand; drop them here: TDT - DEVILISM (FORUM F.A.Q.)
▲ Ask your questions to our team! Send us an audio message to - Please, say your name, where you are from, and your question, and attach your photo. We will edit and publish a video-response.
▲ Ask your questions to S.W. Falcifer! Send us an audio message to - Please, say your name, where you are from, and your question to Falcifer,,and attach your photo. We will edit and publish a video-response.
▼ To register officially: as a Devilist and select a mode of registration (type can be changed anytime) go to:
 · Age 18+ (Waiting List) For serious & long-term registrations to - Inner Temple Adept´s Initiations - VISIT: JOIN US - or - Contact us here: E-mail
 · Age 18+ (Waiting List) For registration as a Devilist - Out of Temple Adept - (Membership card, etc) - VISIT:
JOIN US - or - Contact us here: E-mail
To learn / study more of our doctrines go to: "Devilism".

More Devilism (Other Links Of Interest)


Please read this article again, as well as our other articles, so that you may come to understand more deeply, what The Devilism is. 

▼ Some of the Topics Covered:

  - The Devil´s Temple (Main Page):   
    Main page with all the links about us, the future Temple, and all the basic information.

- The Devil´s Temple Project:
    Herein, we explain our plans and how we want to build and organize the Temple, by now a project.

  - Satan:   
    Herein, we explain and centralize some of the basic information related to Satan. This article will help you to understand Satan better and it will also help you understand        how certain Gods, Metagods, and even Incarnates, operate.

  - The Devilism - Philosophies: Basic Information, The Dogma-Phobia (LHP Mistake), etc...   
     Herein, we detail a basic perspective concerning some of our philosophy and our conclusions, the path’s basic perspective about the Left Hand Path, and some of the             possible problems that can arise for the spiritual development of the practitioner. i.e. the "Dogma-phobia", etc. This article resonates with a mental and rational undertone.

  - The Devilism - Theosophy & Gnosis: Basic Info, V.K. Jehannum´s  Gnosis Connected to Devilism, The War...       
    Herein, we cover basic spiritual concepts within the new doctrine, such as: Theosophical concepts and channeled Daemonic Gnosis, "
The Incarnates",
    "The 7 Pure Sons Of The Devil", "
The Spiritual War", etc.
    Within this article you will find how the "Metagod" and the "Soul Composition" concepts were released to the public by the dark sorcerer: 
V.K. Jehannum and connected      with Devilism.

  - The Devil´s Sex’ Path: The Temple of The Flesh, Tantra, The Black Angels, Supreme Babalon, Biccubus...          
    Herein, we cover all the basic concepts related to sex and our current. 
    Our current does not support animal sacrifice (or human), and it takes needed Energy from the practice of Daemonic Tantra and Kundalini Exercises, etc.
    We describe some of the basics related to "
The Black Angels" and their ascension to the "Supreme Babalon" or "Sacred Whore" through sexual interaction with our            Hierophant, as his personal succubic assistants, being the Antichrist’s Harem, they being finally transmutated into "Biccubus".
    We explain some of their basic Daemonic Hierarchy, their role in the Astral as Sexual Vampires, their role in the Infernal Empire on Earth and during "The War" as The      Daemonic Feminine.

  - The Antichrist: The Masks, Vindex, Asmodeus Daeva Spirit Bi-location, The Communion...   
     This article explains everything related to our
Hierophant, The Son of The Devil on Earth
     Also, here we treat The Vindexian Heroic Liberation, the oppressive forces, and how they work.
     Additionally, we explain why you can invoke or evoke Asmodeus if he is Incarnated on Earth.

  - Asmodeus (Daeva´ Spirit):   
     Herein, we explain and centralize some of the basic information related to
     This article will help you to understand
Asmodeus better and will help you to understand how certain Gods, Metagods, or even Incarnates operate, especially this                    Antichrist.

The Devil Star
Antichirst Black Angels.jpg
777 CANDLE 777

                                     Check out our: Official Youtube Channels!


The Devil´s Temple´s Official Youtube Channel:

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PLANTILLA CIRCLE 3 copia 2_edited_edited.jpg

We Are Your Other You

The Devil´s Temple

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