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About The Devilist Pathworking

▲ The Path Of The Dark Ascension, Devilist Initiatory DegreesThe Dark Ascension is the name given to the system of training and self-deification used by the Devilist tradition. It is the serious practice of Devilism, by the collective formed by individual Satanists, and thus expresses Devilism in action.

The Dark Ascension process is an individual process of daemonic enlightenment, guided by the higher powers of each Infernal Faction on Earth, and their agendas. In perfect harmony with the supreme powers of Satan, the creator of mankind, and finally -in perfect harmony- with Akasha, which is the creation Herself, -She is all what is created and the essence which substains all what is created at the same time.

Each stage of this empowering methodology is achieved by the individual as a direct result of their own effort, understanding and application. To reach a particular stage, requires considerable disciplined effort by the individual.

One aim of this Dark Ascension process is to create Daemonic beings, that is, to transmute the spirit and its essence through spiritual alchemical processes –if your spirit is Human-, or simply to liberate your native daemonic essence from your human mask, in the case that you´re an Incarnate of some kind. This Devilist training developes individual character, esoteric –or occult- skills and self-insight. The adept also acquires genuine magickal knowledge and true understanding.

The way itself enables any individual to achieve genuine magickal Adepstship -and beyond- and thus fulfill the potential latent within them, thus they can and do enhance their spiritual life, and achieve their unique destiny.


This process is essentially practical, involving experiences in the physical world (or causal world), and ordeals, as well as the completion of difficult, challenging tasks and/or practices. It also involves a practical mastery of multiple forms of meditative techniques, tantric practices and magick. The Devilist Ascension requires a sincere and genuine commitment and sometimes, it is both difficult and dangerous, its success depends on this commitment by the individual.


The Dark Ascension process is mainly divided into 7 stages, attributed to the 7 alchemical stages, chakras, colors, frequencies… And includes correspondences with more than 30 qliphothic spheres, Devilist Tarot, Runes and more. The stages or degrees inside the order mark a specific level of spiritual attainment.


The 7 main stages of the adept are:


 - 1: Neophyte

 - 2: Dark Adept

 - 3: Daemonic Adept

 - 4: Devilist or Disciple Of The Devil

 - 5: High Priest or High Priestess

 - 6: Magnus

 - 7: Immortal

Additionally the Devilist can base their path on a specific specialist branch like: Monks, Scribes, Emissaries, Warriors, etc. And there´s also some additional circles inside the current i.e. The Vampiric House of Akasha, The Black Angels and more.

The initiate can be honored by magickal titles of power related with his or her path and development, egregoric titles like: becoming a “Satan”, a “Luxferro”, a “Babalon” or “Scarlet Woman”, a “Chiron”, a “Dakini”, or a “Lilithu Satana” just to mention some.

Each one of the 7 main stages or degrees, is associated with specific tasks, ordeals, rituals and so on, and a completion of each and all of these (given in detail under the appropiate stage) is required before the next stage can be attempted. Also, each stage involves the individual in a certain amount of reading and study of the Temple´s texts. The purpose of this reading and study is to provide a true Devilist understanding of the practices, ordeals and rituals and so on of the particular stage being attempted.


Each degree represents a development of and in the adept -of their personality, their skills, their understanding, their knowledge and insight.

Before embarking on the first stage, that of Devilist Initiation, the individual who desires to follow the Tantric Path Of The Flesh of Devilism should gain some understanding of what genuine spiritual rebellion is, and clean their mental plane from all the limiting implants and indoctrinations –previously implanted by the slave-society or “cult-ure”.

Because to transcend the Veil Of Illusions, or Maya, your have to transcend all your paradigm.

▼ Information & Practices Related To Each Initiatory Degree: Click below, on each degree name to acces:

Devilist Iniciatory Levels


The Devilist Degrees (A Basic Introduction).

▲ Main Degrees of Iniciation:

1 - Neophyte:
This grade is to learn the routines and basics, starting from the beginning.
(Plus much more)

2 - Dark Adept: 
Herein, we will develop areas of working such as Wampyrism, Witchcraft,
Tantra, and Energy Work. You are an "
(Plus much more)

3 - Daemonic Adept: 
We will transcend other sinister traditions, dogmas, and systems and evolve
your Daemonic Will.
(Plus much more)

4 - Devilist (Disciple of The Devil: 
We will learn High Magick, exorcisms, Necromancy, Daemonic Vampirism,
Healing, Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, etc.
(Plus much more)

5 - High Priest / Priestess:
You will be teaching a magick group or coven as well as helping our spiritual
(Plus much more)

6 - Magnus:
You will be teaching a magick group or coven as well as helping our spiritual
(Plus much more)

7 - Immortal: 
At this level, you are a Demi-God, half God half human, having a deep philosophical understanding of magick, your soul and spirit. You are an essential part of the Infernal Empire on Earth.

*Important Note: If the person started without being born an Incarnate, they need complete transformation, basic and advanced Magicks and spiritual development, character development, moral and ethics reprogramming, power, control of the power, complete knowledge of who they were before and who they are now, etc.
Even if a born Incarnate there is a whole lot of work to do, but it’s much easier.

*Important Note II: Make sure you understand the different collective groups or special divisions, the membership types, etc, to know more about all the possibilities you have inside and outside The Temple as a Devilist.

*Important Note III: If you´re a
True Devilist consider Registering (Inside or Outisde Temple). Click Here.



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▲ We´re sure by now you will have tons of questions! We understand; drop them here: TDT - DEVILISM (FORUM F.A.Q.)
▲ Ask your questions to our team! Send us an audio message to - Please, say your name, where you are from, and your question, and attach your photo. We will edit and publish a video-response.
▲ Ask your questions to S.W. Falcifer! Send us an audio message to - Please, say your name, where you are from, and your question to Falcifer,,and attach your photo. We will edit and publish a video-response.
▼ To register officially: as a Devilist and select a mode of registration (type can be changed anytime) go to:
 · Age 18+ (Waiting List) For serious & long-term registrations to - Inner Temple Adept´s Initiations - VISIT: JOIN US - or - Contact us here: E-mail
 · Age 18+ (Waiting List) For registration as a Devilist - Out of Temple Adept - (Membership card, etc) - VISIT:
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To learn / study more of our doctrines go to: "Devilism".

More Devilism (Other Links Of Interest)

777 CANDLE 777
777 CANDLE 777

Please read this article again, as well as our other articles, so that you may come to understand more deeply, what The Devilism is. 

▼ Some of the Topics Covered:

  - The Devil´s Temple (Main Page):   
    Main page with all the links about us, the future Temple, and all the basic information.

- The Devil´s Temple Project:
    Herein, we explain our plans and how we want to build and organize the Temple, by now a project.

  - Satan:   
    Herein, we explain and centralize some of the basic information related to Satan. This article will help you to understand Satan better and it will also help you understand        how certain Gods, Metagods, and even Incarnates, operate.

  - The Devilism - Philosophies: Basic Information, The Dogma-Phobia (LHP Mistake), etc...   
     Herein, we detail a basic perspective concerning some of our philosophy and our conclusions, the path’s basic perspective about the Left Hand Path, and some of the             possible problems that can arise for the spiritual development of the practitioner. i.e. the "Dogma-phobia", etc. This article resonates with a mental and rational undertone.

  - The Devilism - Theosophy & Gnosis: Basic Info, V.K. Jehannum´s  Gnosis Connected to Devilism, The War...       
    Herein, we cover basic spiritual concepts within the new doctrine, such as: Theosophical concepts and channeled Daemonic Gnosis, "
The Incarnates",
    "The 7 Pure Sons Of The Devil", "
The Spiritual War", etc.
    Within this article you will find how the "Metagod" and the "Soul Composition" concepts were released to the public by the dark sorcerer: 
V.K. Jehannum and connected      with Devilism.

  - The Devil´s Sex’ Path: The Temple of The Flesh, Tantra, The Black Angels, Supreme Babalon, Biccubus...          
    Herein, we cover all the basic concepts related to sex and our current. 
    Our current does not support animal sacrifice (or human), and it takes needed Energy from the practice of Daemonic Tantra and Kundalini Exercises, etc.
    We describe some of the basics related to "
The Black Angels" and their ascension to the "Supreme Babalon" or "Sacred Whore" through sexual interaction with our            Hierophant, as his personal succubic assistants, being the Antichrist’s Harem, they being finally transmutated into "Biccubus".
    We explain some of their basic Daemonic Hierarchy, their role in the Astral as Sexual Vampires, their role in the Infernal Empire on Earth and during "The War" as The      Daemonic Feminine.

  - The Antichrist: The Masks, Vindex, Asmodeus Daeva Spirit Bi-location, The Communion...   
     This article explains everything related to our
Hierophant, The Son of The Devil on Earth
     Also, here we treat The Vindexian Heroic Liberation, the oppressive forces, and how they work.
     Additionally, we explain why you can invoke or evoke Asmodeus if he is Incarnated on Earth.

  - Asmodeus (Daeva´ Spirit):   
     Herein, we explain and centralize some of the basic information related to
     This article will help you to understand
Asmodeus better and will help you to understand how certain Gods, Metagods, or even Incarnates operate, especially this                    Antichrist.

The Devil Star
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777 CANDLE 777

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