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The Path Of The Flesh

The Devil´s Temple

Basic Info & Doctrines

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Devilism and Sexuality

First of all, we have to leave it clear: you must be 18 or older to register as an external adept (
O.T.A.) or inner-temple member (I.T.A. / I.T.A.S.) of this Spiritual Current: "The Devilism". Also, you have be mentally healthy and have all your mental faculties and legal capacity of decition.

A Brief Introduction:
Sex Magick always has been attractive for any practitioner or curious, and it is indeed one of the most pleasurable, invigorating and potent systems of Magick, with Sacred Sex (Daemonic Sex) you can create, mix and/or consume energy, stimulate and strenghten your mind, body and spirit and/or provoke a Kundalini Awakening and chakra activation beside other incredible things.

As many of you already know, we channel gnosis, combine practical elements from different currents, and have an open mind to test, read and execute all the beneficial or productive Magick proceedings. (Always under the approval of the Dark Lords and our Hierophant Falcifer (One of the 7 Devils Incarnated on Earth). (*
read more about the Incarnates and the possible Antichrists here)

And as many of you know too, Asmodeus as Daemonic Spirit or Deva´source is one -and always have been- of our supreme teachers and guides. (
see Asmodeus here)
We have been practicing Tantric Sex, Vampiric Sex, Daemonic Sex, Magick Sex and Neemniorah (self-cultivation) in our coven always, continuosuly, and always guided by Him through His Incarnation (Hierophant Falcifer) or His Daemonic Spirit/Deva´Source. (Asmodeus/Aeshma)
See below why sacred masturbation or Neemniorah works different and how can it be used for personal deification)

We questionded ourselves multiple times, and doubted if the profane public will be ready for some of the gnosis and practices channeled, we know that althought things seems very liberal now they aren´t, young people were more sexually free in the 60´s Hippy-California than now, now we´re more sexual mentally but less sexual in reallity, and the division between the masculine and the feminine is stronger than ever! Currently the male figure is quite denigraded to zero and the man per se is demonized, programming females, males and others to ridiculous negative sterotypes, but fortunately we can use all these in our favor and for Magick purposes, while the sexual liberation happens during the Ascension, at least to the lucky chosen few... we have received the sygnals, and the time has come to drop the bombs.

We know perfectly that releasing some of this Daemonic Doctrine, we will gain new detractors, haters, etc. even in the Left Hand Path!, thats normal, it´s directly linked with humankind and its current evolutionary level... 
When someone brings something new the mind tends to reject it, holding the old mental structures, imagine when a Left Hand Path coven channels and incorporates transgressive gnosis like this! always will and it be questioned, and it´s fine, or worse, the problem here is when it will not even questioned but labeled as lie or fantasy without any Magick-scientific test, readings, consultations or all at once to corroborate.

Any old "truth" has to change for the new revelations of truth, that they has meant to come, to transgress the fake and the old, the useless and the copies, in order to obtain a real Daemonic ascension and elightenment, not spiritual entertainment, even the loved spiritual information memorized which one want to belive, probably due the effort and time invested, which do not provide new advancements and which gives certain comfort (at least mentally) because of the lazyness of the pratitioner -thats one of the many walls that we are destined to encounter and be imposed against us and some of our teachings. (
beside all the dogma dilema: obedience or repulsion *see here our view about dogma)

Anyhow, the L.H.P. is not for everyone, never was, and this path, or the path within the path, our path, neither.

(*Image above: the famous "Battery Effect" Tantric process, there are loads of different Tantric processes that involves energy)

Why Sex and No Animal Sacrifices?:
This is a very good question, we will try to explain some of the most important points.
Energy: One of the main purpose of ritual sacrifices, beside the psychic impact for the performer and assistants, is the energy, called prana or chi, this is the vital energy that vampires consume psychically (or consume physically through warm blood or warm sexual fluids, beside others sources), the prana drives the force to perform and empower Real Magick operations, awake the Kundalini, Activate the third eye, charge crystals, plants, food or feed agregores, expand your creativity, etc.

Better and more powerful: 

No harming inocent animals: We do not like to force any being against its will, included humans, one of the most powerful forms of god (divinity or demonic divinity) is the selling, is the power of concince, to seduct (see seducer) not to rape, violate, and opress (*See Yahweh, not just kidding, better keep here reading)

No negative emotions involved: from animal or the practitioners

No psychic dilemas (moral): A clean practice, will make your monkeybrain peaceful (at least about the subject) and do not overthink and create future magick problems.

The energy that match with our Hierophant and His current is sexual, He´s Asmodeus so... Spiritual hedonism, life has to be a balance of "sacrifice" for trascendental goals, "pain*" to gain the knowledge that we lack (and the control of emotions) and pleasure, ecstasy, bliss and joy. So you can ascend in a plesurable way, delighting yourself in the art of the ritual, in the tantric act of sexual activity, in the gamaliel´s interactive communions, sharing with pleasure, taking with pleasure, as the same Shaitanic Flag, The Devil´s empire, daughters and sons. Sharing the fire to keep the fire lighted and growing (This will be explained better in the sacred interactions)

(*Even pain and suffering with enough enlightenment can be transmuted in joy and bliss.)

Free and easier: You do not have to pay for a sacrifice, move the animal, fight with it, force it, kill it and clean all the mess before sludge entities come to the Altar or Chamber, 
You! are the sacrifice, your energy as orgasm is the most powerful rush of energy, capable to open the gates of hell in a blink of an eye.

Practices as Qi Gong or Tantra (with Naamah) for example are enough to proof the potency of the Magick Sex, and it can be translated to the physichal, to the astral, to the chakras, to your health, even you can channel information through sexual energy, but this is another secret mystery of our dear Aeshma (Asmodeus).
(Lilith, Samael, Hekate and some of the demonic also use this system)

So, no blood? But I thought work with Vampiric Current as well...
Practices No! Wait! We said no sacrifices against their will.
And we have to add to murders even if they want to be sacrificed!
But is a common practice in modern Vampirism and in Demonolatry small offerings of your own blood as practice, as personal sacrifice, and it also breaks a psychic barrier, one of the natural barriers of the body and its defenses.
The warm blood, as we explained contains energy (prana or chi) and this can be used to consecrate, in vampiric rituals, vampiric tantric sex, as offering, to open gates, in spells of all kinds and many more!
So prick you or cut you a little (always taking care and in a clean and safe way) to give a few drops of blood for a Magick ppurpose or to your favorite entity, will always be benefitial to obtain results.

Nevermind, we suggest that certain practices must be revised, because if you do not know what you´re doing it may cause Magick problems (like transmutate your mind in a negative way or offer blood to diceased causing attachements, poltergeists or other problems or simply becoming an Astral-McDonalds for the vampiric predators that exist out there or simply giving energy to entities with nothing in return.

Energy accumulation :That´s why some demons have horns and tail? And Angels dont have tail.
We have already briefly explained (for exaple in Satan Post click here) the qi gong storage system,(3 Gifts) that vampires usually use to acumulate the energy obtained (usually drained), the same system uses demons, and you, if you want to ascend, deify yourself, become a vampire, a succubus or incubbus, or all at once, as we work for it on this path, you better know that.

There are different representations of the same thing, individuals with an astral body, full as fuck of energy,
collecting prana, meditating, udually performing energetic meditation (tantra or kundalini yoga for example) (not simply contemplation) the channels of energy gets full, then they compres the energy, obviously this at certain point will force your kundalini to rise, if it didnt rise yet, but when its "liberated" and if you compact the energy, and keep accumulating (*see one of the reasons to celibate) the energy and the Kundalini will start to rebosar, as a tail (energetic tail due the excess of energy below) and as a double horns (the two elices of the ascendant "serpents") or also visible as a crown (light of the horns) or as a flame (crown chakra rush of energy, sometimes connected with their higher being or favorite god, sadly usually Mr. Jeovah) See spiritual or mystic christianism and their ancient ascended masters, yes, the real saints (mystics) not the last decade saints.

So in the process of deification is key, to gain energy, but is even more important to not lose the energy realing it usually through orgasm (through the reporductive organs) (it opens a small hole in the astral with a sanguinolent color line if you open a bottle of wine inside the water)

Orgasm is sacred, and it must be used sacred.

So the best for almost all the practices is sex, a lot of sex, tantric sex, but avoiding realinng the energy (not the fluids, the fluids can be released, in fact they must, you release the material "ectoplasm" a midway between material and spiritual, magick container of prana) especially on men bodies. (see that im not entering on the "gender" or sexual preferences) Yes, i´m sorry our bodies operate with different corporeal systems, different hormal levels, and our brains also operate slightly different, not better or worse, but different.

The bodies are manifestation of whats programed, sometimes not acorder with the energy. see homosexuality.
sometimes not capable to be all see bisexuallity

Here we eneter in our corporeal limitation thorugh sex, physichal sex (not astral)

Feminie energy tends to be more vampiric naturaly, 

moises horns

flame saints

male body female body

male energy female energy

hybrid the trascending (bisexuallity)



The Energies of Devilism: Sex Vs. Animal Sacrifices

The Energies of Devilism: Why Gods Have Horns

The Path of The Supreme Whore Babalon

Magick Sex, Biccubus & Tantric Systems

The Black Angels

How to Become a Biccubus

The 5 Brides

Our Energetic Body Limitations, energy memory, half orange, union, trasncend the material programing, contagio energia demonica, bisexual, cristian forbiden sin

Magick sex and Tantric Practices (in)

Magick sex and Tantric Practices (out)

Join the Magick Side

The Devil´s Temple

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The Intensive Courses (Or Permanent Stay)

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_The Infernal Union_ by José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal.jpeg

The Antichrist, 777

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The Antichrist, The Devil On Earth [Asmodeus Incarnated]

Many Satanic orders of all kinds tried to bring The Antichrist or force his coming.

But what this gloomy figure means exactly?
The heroic
The Antichrist is the great liberator, the fire starter, the maker, the raper of oaths and morals, the blasphemer, light bearer, destructor of what´s stablished, the bender of minds and keeper of secrets and keys.
He is our Vampire Hierophant.

Vindex as one of the many modern masks of The Son of The Devil:

"Vindex and The Antichrist, The Antichrist and Vindex, experienced practitioners will have noticed a similarity between the Antichrist and the figure of Vindex outlined by the Order of Nine Angles.

Vindex is a similar heroic embodiment of sinister forces.
I believe that they´re more or less the same figure, the one who is to come, although I interpret this is a spiritual sense instead of a material one, and also strenuosly object to racism the ONA incorporates into their beliefs.
I do not link The Antichrist to anything like the Kalki of Savitri Devi, who may have influenced their idea of Vindex. Kalki was the successor of Hitler, the Avatar who was the One who is to Come who combined the Sun and the Lighting and would turn back the clock against corrupt society.
The Antichrist does not stand for turning back the clock, and is not a "Man Against Time" who will restore the previous order. Instead, The Antichrist and the New Aeon stands for going forward, and in a Dionysian way. The Antichrist does have Odinic, Faustian, and Luciferian aspects, but the role of The Antichrist on the Aeonic Level is to destroy the remnants of Christian civilization so that life can begin anew. He does contain martial aspects, and these are mixed in with the rest, but he is not pure vengeance. The Promethean, Faustian, and Odinic, sentiments he kindles in people, are similar to what Set is thought to inspire. The ONA´s teaching, in general, has many good features, and I feel they deal with the some of the same conceptual universe as our system. Their Acausal realm is the Nightside, Acausal energy is Nightside energy, and "Presencing the Acausal", a worthwhile venture, brings Nightside energy into the world. Their concept of Satan as an Earth bound spirit of the world highly corresponds to the notion of the Chaos-Satan of Malkuth, and the duality of Satan and Baphomet, Baphomet being a Babalon like a goddess to them, echoes of dualism of Lucifer and Babalon transferred to the earthly plane. One difference between their system and this one is that they appear to reject the idea of any power that exists beyond the darkness, and a split off of ONA heartily believes that the self is powerless in dealing with the darkness, and should submit to it." -
Source: The Demons of Tiamat, the New Gods and the Exploration of the Nightside

"Vindex unlocks the inner-antichrist, brings one into harmony with their Baeldraca, and makes one a living vessel for the expression of those acausal energies associated with Vindex, the avenger of blood and the restorer of mankind to the glories of an aeon long gone. And, perhaps most simply, it opens wide the inner nexion and thereby expands one’s soul into new heights, new dimensions, new abilities."

"So if we submit to Vindex, we will become the opposite of what Vindex is about. (...)

"Eon long ago", okay, but where? How long ago? A human Eon? Depending on the answers, the question here, and his role can dramatically change, again interpretation"

Since February 2022, anyone who is making a real demon contact can ask, the question will be answered.

The Antichrist is here, he will represent us, we´re him, we have been part of him since our born, and we have incarnated here, exactly in this age, his age, such an honor and pride.He is the opposite and the same, of humankind, of Christ (Christic Conscience).He is the Anti-Messiah, the oppossite to all the past churches, the dark side of Christ Avatar, a prophet who will bring the new doctrine, doctrine that will sweep the others without force.He´s soul sacred fire of Hell, ancient daeva Incarnated, Djaal, he´s Vindex and many more, but also flesh and bone.This will be essential part of our future and is our past, because we´ve been working years in secrecy.

7 devils incarnated

bilocation fragment, connected to the external spiritual conscience, but part of the spirit, a symbiotic energy, spiritual osmosis

7 devils

I have to believe or worship him like a God?

No, obviously, you don´t,

You can believe or not, it´s completely fine.
You can think of him just as a human priest or order leader, it´s completely fine as long as you respect.
You can believe we´re creating the Antichrist by adding faith and power to the idea.
And you can think of him as what he is, The Devil incarnated.
You can believe anything you want and its fine, freedom of  perspective, of free will to choose your own reality, it will make you an Heretic, and as you may know, Heretic means free to choose.

This reminds me like the Buddha incarnations, is related somehow?

Yes and no, Buddha is a human spirit, ascended by deep spiritual and disciplined practice and understanding of the reality, anyway, Buddha is a right hand path avatar, they preach unconditional love, escaping from the material world, purification by avoiding pleasures, and other similar "absences"to finally merge with the source, unify your spirit with the all, in thousands of millions of fragments, decompose your soul to start again as other living forms (every fragment of energy beside other energetic fragments no present in the primary spirit-form).
This energetic "piston", cycle of life and death, incarnations and dimesional ascension, allows their beloved God (Or Demiurg-Not Cosmological God) to experience himself in himself, gaining power through this eternal process, not allowing human mortals to construct a stable empire in this world or in the next dimesions (in each dimensional layer theres more "deaths" waiting for you).

These Gods or Daemonic incarnations are different, some are simply here triying to defeat the "Source" sometimes again and again, years and centuries, through human incarnations and surprising combinations of soul fragments....

As we explained, in this planet theres always present 7 bodies, 7 gates, 7 possible sons of the Devil, ready to wake up from the Matrix, all the info, past lifes, Gods´data acces and knowledge of this specific god is there, the individual has just to unlock it.
The reallity, the grid and other emprisonement works are made to avoid it.

So there are more possible sons of The Devil incarnated, and possible Antichirsts?
Yes, there are always 7 possible liberators incarnated, right now,  7 gods are allowed to have a body for their own. but with no memories like the film "Dark City" you can´t remember the life you had yesterday,
the controllers are avoiding the spiritual liberation.
7 sons of the Devil, figure that represents the living entity of the Rebelion against oppression

Why him and no other?
Normally the 7 Antichrists remains dormant, as the Kundalini serpent remains dormant in the majority of population.

We have been guided to meet him in real life, and we have been guided to work with him.
Multiple daemonic Gods are confirming that he can be the leader of this current, and we con be hands, heart and feet. 
We know and we have visioned some of the other 7 current manifestations of The Devil, and we simply prefer to bet for this one, and what he will bring if we success, Satania showed tantric orgies and the cities of the new cosmic order, and the visions where mind-blowing!
Also the spirit of Asmodeus has been always a n1 one patron for our coven and his primary external force always will be in our rituals and devotions.

Can I be a daemon reincarnated?
Obviously If you´re reading this, you´re interested in this kind of topics since your born, you felt special and never fit in society and you´re asking yourself such a question, probably yes.

You´re in this planet, in this complex period of time, and your´re seeking for something more, because like the people in matrix (The causal behind the veils) they can´t see the limitations; But something in your soul, in your subcosncience is screaming for deep purpose, iyts called true will, or spiritual will, or Wyrd.
The most probable is that you´re a Starseed percussor of the next evolutionary level like us.
Bringers of the new aeon.

Black adepts like V.K. Jehannum in his Soul path reading service, sometimes read fragments of ancients gods in the souls of "normal" people, this % can be higher or lower, even a soul can contain compositions of Gods parts and unique parts of energy, inter-dimesional or not, sometimes the soul can be pure.
Here we can extend a lot this topic, but you have to understand that there are re-incarnations of parts of Gods like Marduk serving food at McDonalds...
Whats the difference then? The potential, the spiritual and Magick potential, if they don´t use it, it can be wasted or simply used in mundane duties... and also the energy, because it´s all about energy, it will be devoured by who? Archonts and parasites of course.

Also it´s important to know that most of the human bodies can act like vessels for the Gods, their energies and manifestations. we´re temples of flesh, living gates for the spirits from the Void, Darkness, Heaven , Abyss and other possible dimensions.

And methaphisically spirits can be part of yourself (communion -let´s omit the word possession)
changing our spirit, permuting our kalas, changing our alchemies, our collective living conscience, ascending together to a common goal.

Also it´s important to point that not everyone is a Starseed per se or a part of a god or of a group of gods, but it can be changed, through soul alchemy, we have transformed vampires and diables, succubus and angelic forms of soul, so anything is possible when we have a clear vision of the Magickal Wyrd, and this is important, because today´s problem is that people want to be everything and end up being nothing.
You have limiteless power, you´re part of the Antichirst. Join our spiritual army, we´re Legion, we will be the new Hell representatives on Earth, such a proud and noble title.

Can a living God be possessed (Human body)?
Absolutely yes, in fact as these special spiritual beings have more "potency", more Magick inside, they can open easily their channels and attune themselves to this forces, sometimes involuntary.

Our Hierophant, can channel multiple daemonic forces, as many dark practitioners can, as you can.

Most of the vessels

I feel attracted to your teachings or to the Hierophant but 
can you give some more psychic and behavior signals of relevance (for the chosen ones)?:
-Obviously that dosent ashure anything but take them as a major thread-

· You feel different since born
· You feel something is wrong or hidden in the "Matrix" (Grid/Warp/Causal)
· You feel everything happens for a reason & there are prophetic or magickal signs everywhere, all the time
· You feel a huge spiritual hunger
· You feel never emotionally full filled (or rarely)
· You fantasize a lot with sex,
you analize sexually every person
· You feel you want to help to build a new empire or something big
· You feel you´re a part of something (important) that you don´t know yet
· You feel attracted to the space, stars, constellations since child
· You feel attracted to the Villiian in the movies
· Nobody fully understands you
· You wish a elitist selected circle of interesting individuals to join
· You feel you didnt explore all your potential
· You feel the time has come or is coming too fast, every time faster
· You feel an attraction for the Occult, Magick, Sorcery.
· You feel an attraction to demons and/or vampires
· The idea of that your body is limitating (or too weak) comes to your head frequently
· Any religion seems to fit with you, any spiritual "label"
· You feel like artistic expressions are the best in life
· Everything seems empty and without deep meaning
· You feel like an alien versus "normal" people
· You feel attracted by the fame and to be famous
· You have seen UFO´s or direct communication with the other side
· You seem to have it all but nothing satisfies you
· Any place, city, town feels really right
· Something in our path is resonating too much in your head
· You feel attracted to be famous, but it is really worshipping & adoration´s energy

Other Hierarchies of the Inner Practitioners (I.P.):
The Circle in The Circle

The Path of Babalon (Sacred Whore): This path can be compatible with the standard hierarchy of work,
this path is focused on Tantra, Magick Sex, Shakti Eenergy, and they work as Personal Assistants of the Hierophant and as Aeshma Sexual guides, they can be women or men, but they will work with Shakti, The 4 Whores of Hell, Lunar and Feminine energies specially. They´re the Black Angels, Succubi in essence.

0 - Black Angel (Biccubus) Onyx
1 - Black Angel (Biccubus) Garnite
2 - Black Angel (Biccubus) Obsidian
3 - Black Angel (Biccubus) Adamantis
4 - Supreme Babalon Priestestess



Devils Sex Rituals, Sabbaths & Tantric Practices

Basic Info & Doctrines

No one will follow the Antichrist unless they have at least some level of desire to worship. Otherwise, He isn't going to find His "Black Angels". Submission is always, on some level, worship. Even if you go to a fetish party and have a Mistress or Master just for that party, you are obeying. Obedience is - even at its lowest level of obedience by a temporary servant and not a 24/7 slave- an aspect of worship.


In order to obey, a person must trust- or be willing to take a chance to learn to trust. Trust is absolutely necessary for Ascension because even believing that The Dark Gods are actual entities requires a basic level of trust. 


If you don't believe, then, you won't ask Deities to take you through the process. If you don't trust, you won't do what They ask of you. If you do what They ask, you are obeying Them. If you are obeying Them, you are worshipping Them at a basic level. 


When one obeys and discovers that the process is working, one trusts even more. When trusting more, one is more likely to obey again. Once someone realizes that The Dark Gods can be trusted, they will be more likely to revere Us- and "Us" includes my nephew Asmodeus because Asmodeus is one of The Dark Gods who assists in the Qliphoth journey.


When reverence occurs, deeper worship evolves. That is human nature. The issue that I have foreseen:  LHP Practitioners tend towards total independence (except for some spiritual Satanists and Traditional Satanists) and do not believe in worshipping Satan, let alone Asmodeus. 


So, there will naturally be a cognitive dissonance: worship or spells only?  We have to expect worship by some. Obviously, there will be those who don't believe in Incarnates at all. Self worshippers like Ford won't believe any of it. 


You guys have to be prepared for worship. It's weird. It can also play on the ego. He has to be prepared for that. It doesn't matter if He says He doesn't want worship. It's going to happen. People will do strange stuff too.


What I'm doing is trying to work out a balance. Lucifer isn't crazy about worship, but has come to accept certain things - even certain things unacceptable to most LHP Practitioners- at least publicly. That's how it is for most of us. 


Balance between trusting the Gods- even praying sometimes- and doing for oneself is difficult. As a Priest, it's important to me to get that worked out and in a way that I can describe in words. It's even stranger for me, I suppose, because my eternal Husband is also possessing me to an extent while I'm incarnated, is worshipped as Satan and as Lucifer by people and He is the one I trust through my Ascension process. I'm also submitted to Him to the point of being collared. I wonder if Catholic priests feel this way to an extent, but for the other side of the proverbial fence! 


Well, if I can't figure this out, who can?

PLANTILLA CIRCLE 3 copia 2_edited_edited.jpg
Falcifer Speaks Book.png
PLANTILLA CIRCLE 3 copia 2_edited_edited.jpg

Beyond sex you´ll find me, you´ll find you, your true self and your divinity

The Devil´s Temple

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