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A Little Introduction

Devilism is the new Left Hand Path spiritual current. Its immediate goal is to provoke the final liberation of the human being from useless morals and weak doctrines, in order to achieve self-deification. All the doctrine and gnosis are channelled as rebellious mysticism against limitations and all kind of mental and emotional boundaries. This is in order to deprogram and empower your mind, soul, energy and body for the benefit of spiritual freedom. 

Our path-working, its branches and their proceedings´ final goal, is to obtain personal self deification via
Dark Ascension. This process either awakens your true daemonic spirit (in case you’re a daemonic incarnation or Incarnate of some kind) or transmutates your spiritual essence to become a Daemon/Deva, the latter being with all the possible ramifications. The species depends upon your specific case and interests.

Devilism covers multiple traditions, methods, guides and practices -some exclusive- to obtain its goals. 
Devilism is a life-style- not a hobby or entertainment-  and it must be taken seriously. 

The Devil´s Temple is committed to the restoration of the true theistic Satanism, incorporating the most recent gnosis, verified channelling and daemonic wisdom, getting rid of the distortions of the modern Left Hand Path currents. We are especially focused upon our Infernal Faction (The Asmodeyan / Falciferian) and its duty on this planet
(as 1 of the 7
Infernal Factions
with 1 of the 7 possible Antichrists). 

We look at Shaitan as the true creator of mankind, as a father and a protector. We follow His supreme guidance.
Satan Himself (Enki, Ea, Melek Taus, Lucifer, Prometheus beside many other names) is the real god.

For far too long, enemies, idiots and outsiders have been free to define
Satan and Satanism to fit their own agendas. Daemons have rarely ever been allowed to speak for Themselves and reveal who They really are and what They are really about.

▲ The Devil´s Temple (Home of Devilists): As many of you know we have been walking the Dark Path for years, working hard on our witchcraft methods and bringing some of our magick works to the public. We started as a closed coven with no degrees or complex structure; a Magick Circle formed by just a few members who have been developing a multitude of spiritual practices.

Since the year 2022, this is changing. We’re adapting our structure in order to incorporate new members and to create a safe space for our daemonic spiritual development.
We are developing a project to create a physical daemonic temple for our long-term spiritual inner-temple courses.
The idea is to create a safe place for all of our Inner Practitioners to develop their skills and to develop their Daemonic Wyrd. It’s important that they will do so without: mundane distractions, limitations (sexual, moral and cognitive), and the blocking energies of
The Grid, The Veil, Maya, The Causal World, The Matrix (or whatever you want to call it). 

As we are theistic and Pagan by nature we also believe in Spirits, Daemons, Spells, and so on. We are creating an organized work-team, a Satanic collective.
This collective is based upon our doctrines and gnosis which is guided and directed by our
Hierophant: Master Falcifer

Instruction is commencing in our Magick programs and we will be giving space to perform and develop these practices. Once construction is complete and preparations made, The Temple will be a place for willing and chosen adult individuals who are meant to be part of this spiritual current of Devilism -guided by The Antichrist or The Devil on Earth

Our approach is to offer in-house food services, bedrooms, a gym, ritual tools and supplies, technology, internet access, communication with the outside world, a sauna, a swimming pool, green zones and other basic services and comforts for our Inner Adepts. Our members, as if they were in spiritual camps, monasteries, ashrams or other spiritual retreat centres will be able to leave when they so desire. Nevertheless, it is strongly recommended that once the process of Dark Ascension is initiated that it be completed and specific methods followed to attain substantial knowledge and experience. However, according to our doctrine, all will be free to leave or suspend their practices at any time.


Ask your questions to our team! Send us an audio message to - Please, say your name, where you are from, and your question, and attach your photo. We will edit and publish a video-response.

Ask your questions to S.W. Falcifer! Send us an audio message to - Please, say your name, where you are from, and your question to Falcifer, and attach your photo. We will edit and publish a video-response.

Click here to go to the T.DT´s forum about Devilism´s theme, read other´s adepts conclusions & reflections and comment your personal insights.)

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Daemonic Wisdom, Falcifer Speaks, F.A.Q., Devilists Speak






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Devilism, The New Doctrine For The Apocalipse

The Devil´s Temple

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